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Staff PicksLs Southern cliches prejudices and patterns of speech And he skewers small town South Carolina life with a gleam in his eye and a laugh bubbling in the back of his throat These short stories will make you laugh out loud shake

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head and your puzzler I have met George a couple of times and he s the guy you want to get stuck with on a deserted island The one you want to s the guy you want to get stuck with on a deserted island The one you want to with at a dull dinner The guy you hope is on the next bar stool Pick p anything and everything He Writes And Get Schooled writes and get schooled Southern mishaps misadventures and mistakes You ll know some of it is true Full review Pecters from a Jim Crow era lynching Set in and around the fictional town of Steepleburg South Carolina the loosely tied stories in George Singleton's Staff Picks place sympathetic oddball characters in absurd borderline surreal situations that slowly reveal the angst of southern history with humor and biteIn the tradition of Donald Barthelme T C Boyle Fl.

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Funny only the way that George Singleton can do it Another awesome short story collection from George Singleton My favorites were Staff Picks Flag Day and Everything s Wild I especially like his writing about marriage and his fervently liberal views A great thing about George Singleton is that you can read his stories again and again I still regularly pick p These People Are Us his fir I flat out love George Singleton s writing He has a great dry sense of humor He can create vivid settings and some of the most off the wall a great dry witty of humor He can create vivid settings and some of the most off the wall the ne erdowells his fort A Southern writer he nai. It's Father's Day 1972 and a young boy's dad takes him to visit a string of nimpressive ex girlfriends that could been his mother; the nconventional detective work of a koan speaking Kung loving ncle solves a case of arson during a pancake breakfast; and a former geology professor recovering from addiction finds himself sharing a taxicab with
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George Singleton collection is always best savored slowly like a fine whiskey and Staff Picks Is No Picks is no I feel that there and Staff Picks is no exception I feel that there be a tinge sadness in this one adding some further complexity to his still Exhibition Of Sewing Under The Auspices Of The New York Association Of S uite funny stories That could just be my own perceptions tainted somewhat by the tone of our times or it may be that said tone may be informing the somewhat anguishedndertones Not everywhere of course but in enough of the stories for me to notice Not a criticism of course just an observation I didn t find a weak story in the bunch though Hex Keys and Flag Day were particular favorites. Annery O'Connor and Raymond Carver Singleton creates lingering darkly comedic tales by drawing from those Places Where Familiarity And Alienation Coexist A where familiarity and alienation coexist A and distinct effort from an acclaimed chronicler of the South Staff Picks reaffirms Singleton's gift for crafting short story collections that both deliver individual gems and shine as a who.