(The Longest Silence) [E–pub] Ú Thomas McGuane

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Boring i To Catch A Thief like mcguane s fiction but iove his nonfictionand this may well be his best This book was good Thats about the easiest way to explain it There is a central theme to this collection of short stories and that theme is tied into the title of the book Honestly I almost gave up reading the book after several of the saltwater Fishing Tales That Were tales that were against #the backdrop of The Story Of Georgia S Boundaries locales that I will never beucky enough to venture into However McGuane s passion is translated #backdrop of Thieves Nights locales that I will never beucky enough to venture into However McGuane s passion is translated his writing and I am glad I finished the entire collection of short storiesThe opening story that hearkened back to Michigan and the Miss Dulane And My Lord last story about the interaction with his son were probably the most memorable stories for meThis is a definite addition to the arm chair angler s shelf A beautiful book aboutife Top five all time I came upon this book while Mrs Zant And The Ghost looking for a book to start during Christmas Break I had previously heard of this author from my Grandpa and decided tooo Fishing reuires 100% concentration and blocks out all distractions and anxiety Reading about it is almost as effective but I miss the tranuil background of a chuckling trout stream on a summer s dayThis is a fine collection of tall tales beautifully written and capturing the essence of a sport that is also philosophy and religion to many of its followers We Barack Obama like to think of the idea of selective trout it serves our anthropocentricity to believe that we are in a duel of wits with a fish a sporting proposition We could do well to understand that trout and other game fish are entirelyacking in sporting instincts They would prefer to dine unmolested and without being eaten themselves I was sorting out my books today and came across this ittle gem that I acuired when I came to France in 2001 I don t normally admit to the fact that I go fishing well for trout anyway I only began by chance shortly after our arrival as John didn t have a partner one day and he begrudgingly took me in his friend s place My instruction. From the highly acclaimed author of Ninety two in the Shade and Cloudbursts comes a collection of alternately playful and exuisite essays borne of a ifetime spent fishing The forty pieces in The Longest Silence including seven collected here for the first time take the reader from the tarpon of.

 Running Free  To Catch A Thief
The Longest SilenceAny run at all is suddenly aerial Four crisp dashes ater and the #trout is vividly Alive And Cold In My Hand As and cold in my hand As return him #is vividly alive and cold in my hand As I return him the river I bend over and watch him hold briefly in the graveled current between my feet Then uick as a The Smash Smash Truck light he s gone In conclusion they say that fishing and religion are closely related and I m inclined to believe that Looking down the hill towards the roaring Saison River yes that has to be the caseA highly recommended book Another collection of essays that ranged from 3 to 5 all focused on McGuane sife fishing around the world Some of the stories are too far beyond my experience or interest to really pull me in but the great ones are absolutely brilliant descriptions of what is feels The Hatchet like to be on the water all kinds of water with a rod and reel whether fish appear or not Many times I just grinned as I relived the experiences that McGuane captured right down to the moment the fish suddenly realizes that he is being released from your hand and can just swim away some casually some with a sprint Fishing friends this book is for you Great writing in the fly fishing genre Rather than give you a macro review I cover my favorite chapters of this book in sort of a micro review fashionBack in Ireland is as pointed and sharp as a tack The story is as much about a time as it is about a place McGuane reminds us that the intersection of time and space is uniue as a snowflake hitting the warm groundTwlight in the Buffalo Paddock McGuane takes us into a seemingly sterile eg there s no fish in those casting ponds and off beat urban setting in San Francisco s Golden Gate Park He points out the art as well as the pointlessness of false casting to plastic ringed targets at a time when fly fishing is being passed up by faster extreme sportsike skateboarding and BMX But even in this setting McGuane finds his perfect moment It s a moment that draws many fly anglers back to their sport The ponds have gone silver The emptiness around the few members who remai. Eventeenth century angler to the trials of the aging fisherman Both reverent and hilarious by turns and infused with a deep experience of wildlife and the outdoors The Longest Silence sets the heart pounding for a glimpse of moving water and demonstrates what dedication to sport reveals about i.

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S were that I was not to speak if I could help it and sit there uietly appreciating the tranuility of nature while he showed me a few rudiments of fishing John makes his own flies but I don t have the patience for that unfortunatelyWith fly fishing it took me a while to spin the ine correctly but I MANAGED IN THE END JASPER OUR LABRADOR SAT THERE in the end Jasper our Labrador sat there too which was a miracle If he had been a nuisance such as eaping into the river as he s a water dog he would have been taken back to the car Whilst sitting there at the time waiting for the arrival of this elusive fish I at the time waiting for the arrival of this elusive fish I on the famous women who were also great fisher women for example the ueen Mother and Diana RiggI personally prefer this form of fishing but it is not always feasible depending on the banks of the river the position of the trees and where the pools are etc It is a wonderful way to spend a day I did not catch a trout on that first occasion but I did on atter occasions As for the elusive salmon well they are meant to be at Navarrenx close to us but I ve never seen one myself I have however heard of others being Kara Anlat Yazar V S At O Bener lucky It s still difficult for me to kill such a vibrant creature but we all eat meat and fish unless we are vegetarians of course and I m certainly not a hypocrite I feel guilty even now though at the idea of takingife away from a iving creatureI digress of course and return to Thomas McGuane I oved this book for its honesty and the enthusiasm of the author It was infectious and the descriptions and tales were a true delight He travelled far and wide in his ove of fishing and #Even Introduced His Son #introduced his son and they set off for New Zealand and other remote places From Montana Ireland Argentina etc in McGuane s adventures in pursuit of this ove we are shown how to truly appreciate this wonderful pastime He also returned the fish alive to the water which was admirable After a The Ethnicity Reader long period of methodical fishing I finally come up tight on a trout He holds throbbing for aong moment then without. Florida to the salmon of Iceland from the bonefish of Mexico to the trout of Montana They introduce characters as varied as a highly Our Bodies Ourselves And The Work Of Writing literate Canadian frontiersman and a devoutly Mormon river guide and address issues ranging from the esoteric art of tying flies to the enduring philosophy of a