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Dr Masley walks you through steps healthier eating exercise relaxation in science Backed Explanation His Writing explanation His writing approachable not too textbook or preachy He explains the connection between heart disease diabetes and dementia Spoiler alert stop eating sugar and prepared foods Motivating practical I let much of the technical detail go by but appreciated the practical discussions of diet sleep exercise relationships with others All important aspects of healing not only for specific conditions but overall life Best of all the author recommends a moderate amount of coffee red wine daily along with lots of vegetables other healthful foods of course If you need another reason to eat better and get exercise this year this book provides it with medical information lists of recommended foodsfoods to avoid and exercise that may help keep your brain sharp even as one ages Can t wait to try the recipes includedThank you to NetGalley the author and publisher for the opportunity to read this important new book for healthy livi. In this step by step guide to enhancing cognitive function and fighting and even reversing memory loss Dr Steven Masley bestselling author of The 30 Day Heart Tune Up lays out a four pillar diet and lifestyle approach to improving brain health focusing on food nutrients exercise and stress managementBas.

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Ng A fantastic idea What is best for the brain This book covers Food Nutrition Exercise Stress nutrition exercise stress and sleep all from the perspective of the brain The author WITH THE RIGHT LIFESTYLE ONE with the right lifestyle one stave off dementia and other loss conditions It is a powerful message backed p by science I am making changes I had always thought Alzheimer s was a disease that navoidable and incurable This books explains that recent research has shown many factors in your own life you can change to significantly reduce your risk of cognitive decline I often here in passing or in the news off handed mentions of studies related to memory loss Things like drink red wine do cross word puzzles etc Whenever I here those stories my inner skeptic comes out and I tend to ignore them In contrast however this book seems like a summary of all the off handed stories I ve heard eat your veggies greens exercise avoid sugar manage your stress avoid BPA plastics learn a new language etc with descriptions behind the science of why you should do each. Ed on than a decade of clinical research The Better Brain Solution provides the tools you need to fight back Here Dr Masley explains exactly how changes in the way you eat and live can reverse elevated blood sugar levels and in the process improve cognitive performance and avert memory loss Research has. The Better Brain SolutionThing as it relates to Cognitive FunctionThe Author Appears To functionThe author appears to some sort of medical Clinic In Which He Often Interacts With People Seeking Help in which he often interacts with people seeking help cognitive decline He describes many papers he has written on studies he has performed in his clinic I Get The Impression He Spends the impression he spends lot of time researching this topic and knows what he s talking aboutHowever I have two main gripes about this book The first is the reference system that is sed He often cites studies when discussing the various topics however he doesn t reference the relevant study directly in the text Instead you have to look into the appendix for a list of all the studies and their associated sections in the book This seems bizarre to me and essentially makes it impossible to go and ickly findread the studies he refers to yourselfThe second is his constant mention of focusing on choosing organic non gmo grain fed foods I ve got nothing wrong with someone saying this However I expected and wanted discussion on why eating these foods was better than the alternativ. Shown that insulin resistance a condition that can lead to diabetes can also cause memory loss and dementia including Alzheimer's diseasePlus fifty delicious easy to prepare recipes specially designed for optimal brain and body health along with a practical way to assess cognitive function and much muc.