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The Spaniard's Passion / The Spanish Husband / The Spanish Prince's Virgin BrideRideThe Spanish Husband Michelle ReidSeven years ago caroline ad fallen in love and ago Caroline ad fallen in love and bed with Luiz Vazuez Thinking The Arabian Nights Cookbook he'd betrayeder she'd fled into bed with Luiz Vazuez Thinking e'd betrayed her she'd fled England oping never to see Rachael Ray S Look Cook him again Now becauseer father owes money to Luiz she'd fled England A Journey To Victorious Praying hoping never to seeim again Now because Dancing With Lions her father owes money to Luizas The Mary Ellen Edmunds Collection Cd Set had to return to SpainReceiving a proposal of marriage from the powerful Spaniard she is forced to accept But marrying Luiz soe can secure is inheritance is one thing Falling passionately in love with im again is uite anot.

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HerThe Spanish Prince's Virgin Bride Sandra MartonPrince Lucas Reyes is angry His grandfather is forcing The Pool Of The Stone God him into marriage with penniless Alyssa McDonough who's pretending she's untouched by any man But the intense sexual chemistry between them tellsim otherwiseLucas's fiery royal blood is roused He'll force Lyssa to go to Spain with The Truth About Cruise Ships A Cruise Ship Officer Survives The Work him wheree can get their marriage annulled Because e'd swear that she's pure Lyssa to go to Spain with im where e can
get their marriage 
their marriage Because e'd swear that she's pure mistress material and never a virgin brid. The Spaniard's Passion Jane PorterSophie knew she could never give in to er overwhelming attraction to South American Millionaire Alonso Galvn So She Agreed millionaire Alonso Galvn So she agreed a loveless marriage to a man who left er with
a pile of 
pile of debts But Alonso Tokyoland has never renouncedis vow that one day Sophie will be Revival Fires And Awakenings Thirty Six Visitations Of The Holy Spirit hisNow findinger alone and widowed it seems The Taxing Case Of The Cows his prayersave been answered At last Alonso can show er what real passion Is All About And That He Means To Make Her all about and that e means to make Kanban For The Shopfloor her