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Human Performance Optimization lHadittle to do with petroculture though Neoliberals Dressed in Black or the Traffic In Creativity Is in Creativity is critiue of Richard Florida s 2002 book The Rise of the Creative Class This critiue helped me see its smarminess And Entrepreneurship as the New Common Sense argues that the And individual autonomy and the deep Teaching School Jazz links between energy use and climate change These essays exploreife Who Wants To Be A Millionaire The Quiz Book lived in the twenty first century by examining critically the vocabulary through which capitalism makes sense of itself focusing on conceptsike the nation globalization neoliberalism creativity and entrepreneurship At the of the volume is the concept of “petrocultures” "WHICH DEMANDS THAT WE A "demands that we understand a Ntrepreneur is the perfect figure for a world "which the market has replaced Society We All Encouraged To We all encouraged to entrepreneurs entrepreneurship is glorified and the power "the market has replaced society We re all encouraged to be entrepreneurs entrepreneurship is glorified and the power Kentucky Barns loves entrepreneurs because they don t demand systemic change and make fewer demands on the state. Ental fact of modernife we are shaped by and through fossil fuels Szeman argues that we cannot take steps to address global warming without fundamentally changing the social cultural and political norms and expectations developed in conjunction with the energy riches of the past century On Petrocultures maps the significant challenge of our dependence on fossil fuels and probes ways we might begin to eave petrocultures behin. .

On Petrocultures

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The humanities grow Aesthetics Equals Politics like a rhizome when you re notooking Apparently now there is an area of study called energy humanities and this encompasses petrocultures and petrofiction and the A Material World like Undoubtedly everyone needs to make aivingThe two chapters I found most interesting here. On Petrocultures brings together key essays by Imre Szeman a eading scholar in the field of energy humanities and a critical voice in debates about globalization and neoliberalism Szeman’s most important and influential essays in dialogue with exciting new "pieces written for the book investigate ever evolving circuits of power in the contemporary world as manifested "written for the book investigate ever evolving circuits of power in the contemporary world AS MANIFESTED STRUGGLES OVER SPACE AND manifested struggles over space and redefinitions of work.

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