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Reese is the 14th book written by Cory Cyr and does not disappoint Reese is such a reat character and hot af Harry short for Harriet is such a reat character and hot af Harry short for Harriet the perfect match for Reese The perfect balance of story and romamce I highly recommend this installment of the War and Piece Chronicles OHHH Was this story a ride and a half I have been Intrigued With Reese And His with Reese and his since we first met him in Kai He seemed to be such a carefree kind of uy but it transformed in his story because he had to take the helm Honestly you really do need to read Kai and Jasper before you touch Reese s story so you The Story Of Georgia S Boundaries get the understanding of why Reese is Reese and what has changed in him Then you enter Harriet the Hun But honestly I love her character SO much Iet why she is the way she is because I was like her Thieves Nights granted without the money Thoseuards are up and your child is your everything and you want to protect them at all costs With Reese though all the walls started to crumble I really enjoyed seeing their relationship blossom even with their banter and ups and downs They meet each other every step of the way both mentally and physically Overall I am seriously sad to see this series come to an end I loved seeing all the men fall to their knees by women they never expected Reese may Be My Favorite Now my favorite now of how much his character developed How he fell hard for Harry How he stepped up to the plate to be that man that Harry needed in her life One thing I can say is that Cyr writes the most amazing Reese Hunter often dubbed the “nice” one among his best friends has iven up on ever finding his happily ever after After several failed attempts at love he’s decided to focus his energy on the business of VIP and having multiple sex partners Having been a successful trainer for years at only twenty six he’s forced to take the reins and become the boss Almost two years later he still expects Harriet the Hun the tyrant partner. Reese Book 3 of The War Piece ChroniclesH all the twists and Turns It Rivals Bite And it rivals Bite and The ending comes with a few surprises I enjoyed I hope this is not the end and that we et one bookPossible Spoilers BelowI hope that Harper ets a love story maybe with Jasper s sister Rumour I kind of want Jasper and Daisy and the whole family to move back near VIP for all the brothers to be together I know Harper was dating the irl from work named Joyce I think was her name But didn t seem like he Harper was dating the Barack Obama girl from work named Joyce I think was her name But didn t seem like he that deep emotion and sexual connection that the other 3 VIP men did with their loves Harper and Rumour haveone through similar things so they could ive each other solice in each other arms and not push or expect I think would be the problem between these 2 not any outside factors like jealous ex cause Joyce seemed kind

"So I Would Think She "
I would think she just leave after the relationship was over or disapproving family age ap should not be an issue and every knows that these 2 are Oklahoma Statesman great people The problem would beoing from friends with benefits to actual lovers since the fear of being let down would be the biggest obstacle for both I hope this book does come to a reality I love the universe Cory has created Guaranteed The Smash Smash Truck great read This is the third book in the War Piece series about the threeuys involved in Yet another well written book by CoryThis is my favourite book from Cory Reese is so beautiful and unlucky in love Harry well she s a ball breaker until ReeseI can t recommend any of Cory s books enoughLove them. Ontrol the men When she faces the orgeous and very elusive Reese she has met her match The rift between them runs deep until she almost drowns and he saves her life This single deed turns their rivalry into a friendship that becomes physical leaving both baffled and in denial As tensions begin to lessen and their war of wills bends toward passion what began as adversarial uickly evolves into something much than they ever bargained fo.

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Tories and this one is another jewel on the shelf Snag up This Bad Boy And bad boy and in love with Reese like I did I love every SINGLE BOOK IN THIS SERIES BUT book in this series but Reese Reese I was really pulling for him because he ot shot down previously and seemed like he lost all hope in living his white picket fence dream Enter Harry Harriot That s when things et steamyWhat will happen between Harry and Reese You have to read to find out but I really love the tension that builds between there two characters If you re anything like me and enjoy Cory s humor you ll be laughing throughout the bookEnjoy Xoxo Another hitReese has matured so much in this book I love itHe deserves a HAP and even though Kia has my hear I was not happy with Kia or Jasper and their attitude towards Reese I do understand his past but he deserves better from him brothers I Loved The Introduction Of Harper And Hope We Get loved the introduction of Harper and hope we et story soon This book I looked forward too since Reese was introduces in book 1 Kai I kept thinking who would he end up with And it came as a surprise that it would be Harriet the silent member of VIP but then when I thought about it it makes for the best match up These 2 I Know You By Heart go in hard at each other from theet Kara Anlat Yazar V S At O Bener go and its not theood kind At least not yet but they develop something They each have been let down on their hopes for a family and love but rediscover that passion with each other I absolutely loved this book and hated it too LOL Cory ave me like 3 anxiety attacks in this novel wit. From hell to arrive and set his ideal world ablaze But the normally even tempered fun loving man has changed And when Harriet finally arrives she is met with a very hostile environmentHarriet “Harry” Wellington has been berating men for years while she’s climbed the rungs of the business ladder At forty this British billionaire and single mother has decided to personally check in on the one company in which she can’t seem to
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