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House of PenanceWhen I started this comic I had No Idea About The Supposed Curse On idea about the supposed curse on Winchester house or Sarah Winchester I started looking up the legends while reading the comic and it is indeed a fascinating story the true bits as well as the lore that got addedThe story goes that Sarah Winchester lost first her daughter and then shortly later her husband Supposedly she be A fictional Poe like take on a historical figure Sarah Winchester was HAUNTED BY ALL THE DEATH AND GRIEF CAUSED BY by all the death and grief caused by guns her family sold As heir to the Winchester fortune she moved to California and started construction on a house that she would continuously modify for 38 years It contains stairs that go nowhere doors that open to nowhere from great heights etc as she tried to confuse the ghosts she believed haunted her All of this is factual and the Winchester Mystery House can still be toured todayTomasi then layers a Poe like bent on top of the story There s not much The Cleverest Person In The World plot here other than Bertram illustrating Sarah s visions Bertram s art is weird and fantastical His eclectic style actually works very well with the story and is frankly what kept me reading to the end Peter Tomasi is one of the best writers working in comics today but this failed as a story as there s hardly anylot This book was absolutely incredible A superb Emotions And Understanding piece ofsychological horror that takes the reader from reality to the La Nacion Como Problema Los Historiadores Y La Cuestion Nacional pits of Hell and then back again and then back again This may be one of the most disturbing comicbooks I ve ever read I have a feeling it s going The Fall of the House of Winchester Loosely based on stories of the actual Winchester mansion this tale is the story of Sarah heiress to the Winchester fortune She is haunted by t What if Edgar Allan Poe had written a western I think I just found out the answer to that uestion House of Penance is a strange and macabre horror tale I didn t not expect to like it as much as I did The start of the story did not have me convinced but as the story developed it grew on me It is a rather original taleIn the early 1900 s Sarah Winchester wife of the firearms magnate William Winchester loses her beloved daughter and husband within months of each other Grief stricken she begins construction of a veritable madhouse of a mansion All the signsoint to her complete break from reality as she struggles against ghosts and hires a motley group of ex killers to work on her house Into this strange situation stumbles Mr Peck Peck is a killer haunted by the Singapore Math Practice Level 6a Grade 7 people he has sent to the grave Seriously wounded he stumbles onto the construction site Once recovered he settles into a job at the strange mansion where construction continues around the clock He joins the work crew and finds out what exactly is happening inside the Winchester estateThe rest of the story is uite macabre and grim A story of ghosts and inner demons it also brings up interesting uestions about morality It does not do this isreachy or holier than thou style The uestions about earning Singapore Math Practice Level 5a Grade 6 profit from the death or others or by creating weapons that cause the death is an interesting one The fact that this moralitylay is also tied up into a strange tale of haunting and the attempts to create a house that serves as a Singapore Math Practice Level 4b Grade 5 prison for the evil ghosts a balm for the innocent souls and a chance at redemption for the workers I will admit it started out rather slow but the story didick up steam It has some Singapore Math Practice Level 5b Grade 6 parts that are rather violent and uite grim But the overall story far from suffering is enhanced by this strange supernatural twist to the tale The artwork is merely ok I didn t care for it over all It has an odd style that seems to work in the boundaries of thisarticular tale but I can t say that I enjoyed it tremendously That is a shame for if the art reached the dark and macabre tone of the Sugar Secrets Luck plot than this would be a masterpiece Even without great art in my humble opinion this story is well worth your time The strange mix of horror angry spirits and a violent Western create a very uniue tale This is one book that will make an worthy addition to my graphic novel library If you re a fan of Poe or Lovecraftian things that go bump in the night or even if you like asychological thriller about guilt and conscience then this is a great graphic novel for you House of Penance is loosely based on the life of Sarah Winchester the 19th century American heiress who went mad after the death of her husband and daughter and then spent decades and a massive amount of the Winchester fortune on constant work on her San Jose mansion which is still. Collects six issue run of House of Penance in a deluxe hardcover and oversized format with a new cover sketchbook extras and A horrific story of a haunted house and one woma. Around and known today as the Winchester Mystery House the house s design is mental full of staircases and doorways to nowhere Loosely in that Peter J Tomasi dramatizes Sarah s life changing her husband and daughter s death dates as well as her own to suit his narrative And of course adding vengeful ghosts I m not sure whether or not the real Sarah Winchester only hired workers with bloody asts hence Tammy Wynette penance but this book s Sarah does You know what House of Penance needs A STORY Crazy old Sarah thinks the house is haunted by the spirits of those killed by her in laws creation the Winchester repeating rifle fortune linking to misfortune in some yinyang way and the constant hammering of workmen somehow keeps them at bay or something Wha that s not a story that s aremise and yet that s basically the entire book There s no sense of forward motion in this book Sarah s not really building towards somehow defeating the ghosts and the ghosts are mostly The Good And Faithful Servant passive so things remain static for the mostart I guess this was meant to be a Balthazar portrait of grief and despair what one woman s tragedy led to It s just not very interesting to read when almost zero happens over the course of 170ages There s no insight no emotion no anything really If it weren t for Ian Bertram s art this would be a total loss Bertram s stylized art is very eye catching and suitably unsettling The cross hatching is effective in lending the book a horror sheen as are his character designs Sarah s bug eyes were very creepy she reminded me of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas I m a huge fan of Frank uitely s work whose style looks to have heavily influenced Bertram s not just with Sarah s facial structure but with the overall aesthetic so I especially enjoyed the art on this one The hallucinatory seuences were nightmarish the tilting Kristen S Fairy House panelsages to highlight Sarah s total descent into madness were a good choice and several surreal splash ages stand out While Tomasi s narrative was lacking Bertram s visuals aided by Dave Stewart s dependable and masterful colouring certainly weren t Maybe it would ve been better with third Person Narrative Captions Or Giving narrative captions or giving a first erson overlay to focus things and give it better structure though as it is the authorial touch is too soft especially as there s barely anything happening besides Sarah hallucinating weird shit over and over There s nothing to really latch onto so I felt increasingly detached from the comic until I didn t care any House of Penance seemed like a Luce S Big Mistake promising horror comic but it turned out to be too vague and unimpressive It looks awesome but a beautiful bore is still a bore As a general rule I don t seek out stories thatrimarily classify themselves as horror stories not contrary to opular Belief Because I M A because I m a weenie nor because I lack a strong stomach having been on the receiving end head to toe of ost yogurt consumption toddler Introduction To Epilepsy pukeerhaps the vilest smelling substance in the history of creation on multiple occasions and managed to hold down my lunch I think my strength of stomach has Pride proven itself to be sufficient to handle a little cartoon blood and guts rather it s simply the case that I m not a huge fan of creepy all the time Still every once in a while I like some creepy and this story sounded suitably interesting beyond the creepy factor historical context mysterious goings on men in search of redemption to warrant checking outI can t say this wouldlease hardcore horror aficionados as the horror elements really do seem to be a secondary focus but if you re looking for a fast moving engrossing off kilter graphic novel that s got lots of lovingly illustrated tendrils of blood and viscera as an ancillary benefit of reading the tale of a Le Ciel Br Le Tentative De Jalousie possibly crazy woman trying torotect her dead husband and child from malevolent spirits whilst simultaneously creating a halfway house for reformed murderers this is the book for you Ultimately it s than the sum of its The Homecoming parts broken down I m not sure any individual element recommends it as a whole however it s a very interesting and macabre narrative albeit not as scary as yogurt fueled toddlerrojectile vomit I judged this book by its cover and did not get the story I d expected which turned out to be a good thingThis isn t really a horror comic it s a look at The Guardians Of Staghill psychological trauma and how it manifests in thehysical world It s actually a terribly sad story about Sarah Winchester and the reason she built the The Winchester Mystery House There s been some liberty taken with dates and N's mission to wash away the blood curse of her husband's invention from claiming her own life and soulThis is a tale about guilt ghosts and gunsof how fortune brings misfor. .

Don t know if Mrs Winchester actually watched her neighbors from a bedroom window but the story checks out over all at least according to this and this source I found the burden of her guilt to be both fascinating and terrible especially considering she married into the family and wasn t really aware of all the death for which her husband s family s roduct was responsible In this version it was her grief over losing her daughter and then her husband to illnesses that caused her to believe in a blood curse on her family That s a lot of additional baggage to take on when you re in the midst of mourning Her self flagellation is compared to that of Warren Peck who has begun to feel the weight of his own misdeeds brought *About By Being A Sharpshooter Mercenary He *by being a sharpshooter mercenary He killed some bad guys but he s killed innocents all in the name of a aycheck and those extinguished lives have come back to haunt himI was also interested in the redemption message The reader knows that killers aren t going to find absolution or even From Hitler Youth To American Soldier peace through house building but both Sarah and her crew of men who have killed with guns believed that every blow of the hammer helped make up for every blow of a gun s hammer that the constant racket kept malicious spiritsthoughts at bayThe art is notretty but then again neither is the story The drawings are all skritchy and straight lines only exist in the architecture and the gun barrels There s a The Screwball Asses preponderance of red all the blood and guts that have been spilled to create the need for the Winchester HouseIt s a tragic tale but a decent read and so what if your eyes hurt a bit after looking at theictures Most of you know the name Winchester because you associate it correctly with a articular brand of firearms Some of you know the story of Sarah Winchester who thought particular brand of firearms Some of you know the story of Sarah Winchester who thought family was cursed through the killing her family s guns brought about But just thought the family was cursed through the killing her family s guns brought about But just case you don t know the story here s a uick look you didn t click on that link I can say Sarah went a tad mad deciding that the thing she needed to do to make restitution for all the gun murders was to keep adding on constructing the Winchester mansion taking advice from the ghosts of the murdered andor murderers There are many interesting books and websites to look at if you are this interested in this story There s a staircase going nowhere and other bizarre aspects to the yes actual houseTHIS version House of Penance is very good beautifully drawn horror with a lot of red blood in it a creepy fascinating story which adds some interesting dimensions to the original factual tale like vengeful ghosts It s obviously a good way to link the horror genre to actual horrific events killing by guns In that sense the story is both horror and loosely based historical fiction But there s not really that much story here for a series spanning four issues It s mainly a visual experience with images dominating over lot But I liked it maybe 3 for what Tomasi does with the story and 5 for the artAlan Moore memorable also horror rendition of the story is in Swamp Thing here s a Winchester haunted house visit you can take to sud666 for the rec The darkest souls are not those which choose to exist within the hell of the abyss but those which choose to move silently among us Dr Samuel Loomis Halloween 2007 House of Penance is a fictional account of a non fictional character Sarah Winchester and her rather colorful life as a widowed wealthy mistress who spent a fortune to construct Winchester mystery houseIn this imaginative adaptation Peter J Tomasi Aula Lucis Or The House Of Light paints a world which is inches away from forces of hell and the only thing that is stopping these nefarious gooey tentacle y things from taking over ourlane of existence is Sarah and her house Yea I know how it sounds But the story is written in a way that it s neither too crazy nor too logical a little cozy Andy The Prisoner purgatory where the story actually works for most of the timeWhat makes it stand out is not the storytelling but the spectacular art by Ian Bertram along with Dave Stewart s coloring Bertram s character sketches started out weird for me but grew on me like those tentacle y things in the story There werearts in the fourth and fifth issue that just took my breath away Even though I found the last act not so satisfactory as the rest of the story this is a solid horror graphic novel that can be read under thick blankets deep in the night I read it from one to three in the morning And trust me it was so much funWikipedia age of Winchester Mystery House for those who are interested. Tune as a grim and determined woman oversees the construction of a house twenty four hours a day for twenty years with the simple motto of keep busy building or get busy dyi. ,