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Castro workout what the terminator is and use her police resources and knowledge to come up with a plan to Defeat It Also The Ties it Also the ties the original film help to make the story less random and inconseuential as Terminator comics often are However *the artwork is rather mediocre often lacking definition A fairly typical Terminator adventure Terminator Sector War is ntertaining *artwork is rather mediocre often lacking definition A fairly typical Terminator adventure Terminator Sector War is ntertaining delivers a lot of thrills I don t have much sympathy for Brian Wood as a person after uh recent years But damn does this book deliver on all fronts a great simple plot that kicks off an action fueled chase illustrated masterfully by Jeff Stokely as well as a badass heroine who doesn t feel one bit less cool than Sarah Connor A worthy addition to the Terminator canon Unlike you know "SOME OTHER FEATURE LENGTH ENTRIES THE ARTWORK IS A " other feature length ntries The artwork is a too manga for me The story is shallow but let s go through the list of items Heavy vehicle driving at high speed check Shotgun with unlimited ammo check T 800 with a mission it won t give up until it s done or destroyed check Strong female target check Suspense on This Is Not A Dragon Party every other page check This story hits the mark Surely you re notxpecting something mature and life changing in a Terminator storyVery much like Sarah Connor Lucy Castro is also targeted by a Terminator tasked with killing her and her unborn baby to prevent it from becoming a leader of the Resistance fighting Skynet in the future Lucy is determined to survive against this seemingly indestructible Drew And The Camp Color War enemyview spoilerLucy needs allies but can t contact the police She reluctantly allies herself with an arms dealer butven his weapons and his numerous gang members are put to the test by the tank that is the Terminator She finishes the robot herself using an xcavator The following morning she finds out about Sarah Connor being targeted Terminators went back in time to 1984 one to kill Sarah Conner and another targeting NYPD Officer Lucy Castro a rookie cop assigned to one of the worst se. This story would have benefited from a #silent Terminator one that doesn t xplain verything to the protagonist A 101 infiltration unit would not #Terminator one that doesn t xplain Wheatley S Road Traffic Law In Scotland everything to the protagonist A 101 infiltration unit would not why it s trying to kill it s target Just wish there was show and less tell The ideas they had were cool but fell short Some of the artwork specifically the cover stuff is really great and the protagonist is cool but the story fails to deliver on the premise in anffective way I actually can t see the point of this graphic novel a retread of the original Terminator story but with a rookie cop in New York instead of Sarah Conner A terminator that is not nearly York instead of Sarah Conner A terminator that is not nearly Artist In Space entertaining as Arnold A future child who is destined to do whatxactly Certainly not as much a John ConnerThe anime style of the artwork didn t suit the story the faces in particular were poor though the backgrounds were good Essentially ONE LONG CHASEACTION SEUENCE AND IN THAT CONTEXT THERE long chaseaction seuence and in that context there not much opportunity for rich characterization however it is fun to look at Stokely s art reminds me of what the writers used to refer to as a sort of American or Western manga style which is nice and grimy and has character One nit to pick is I was never fully convinced that a cop couldn t find a single working phone the Revue Historique Ardennaise Vol 14 entirevening despite having a car She never saw any other cops that night or didn t go straight to any precinct From Dark Horse comes Terminator Sector War an Bibliotheca Medico Historica Sive Catalogus Librorum Historicorum De Re exciting and action packed graphic novel On the same night that the T 800 terminator was sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor in Los Angeles another terminator is sent after NYPD Officer Lucy Castro in New York but with no resistance fighter to protect her Castro will have to outsmart and outrun the terminator on her own While it s kind of the same old Terminator story author Brian Wood does a pretty good job at having. Bestselling Writer Brian Wood Aliens Defiance The Massive Briggs Land pens a thrilling chase withlectric art by Jeff Stokely The Spire Six Gun GorillaTwo. ,

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Y a similar machine so she uits her job and heads for LA hide spoiler Apparently there were two Terminators sent back to 1984 one to target Sarah Connor and the other sent for Lucy Castro an NYPD officer That s really the only original thought in this ntire book which pretty much reads like a complete re hash of the original story The artwork is
pretty decent throughout 
decent throughout which is why I give it 3 stars Why was this ven made I like most of Brian Wood s stuff Despite not buying any since we found out he was hitting on woman using his power in the comic world to get advances on woman all while having a pregnant wife Yikesno supporting that Anyway THIS IS PRETTY BAD IT S is pretty bad It s a rehash of EVERY terminator comicmoviegame you Le Manteau Du Roi ever readplayed It s a woman Castro who s on the run from a terminator Worst of all is there is no BLOOD No heavy violence Listen I m not a gore freak but the reason Terminator 1 2 were so good is they have a horror feel This hasa chase feel but not very interesting Overallxtremely passable Some cool action moments but the dialogue story and art all lack something major A 2 out of 5 Uninspired skippable shoot Histoire De Florence Vol 5 em up Terminator taleIt started well but uickly went downfall for good and after reading and living Brian Wood s Aliens Defiance miniseries from Dark Horse I wasxpecting much Nuff said Apparently 2 terminators were sent back in 1984 one in Los Angeles looking for Sarah Conner and one in New York looking for Lucy Castro The difference is Castro is a tough as nails beat cop who can take care of herself This totally has the feel of the original Terminator There s not much original here just nonstop action with a protagonist who is a combination of Sarah Conner and Reese It s a fun uick read Stokely s characters are very manga driven but his action seuences are top notch. Ctions of the city Isolated and unable to call for backup Castro faces off against the relentless T800 relying on unlikely allies to see her through to daw. Terminator