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O WHAT this photon battery is why it s there or what it does i hope this isn t how she has her powers marvel cinematic universe i swear to god i also hated the nova corps being shrugged off once again starforce goes to xandar for a mission and there is hardly any interaction with the novas who in the comics play a pretty important role to ree and the entirety of cosmic marvel but it s mcu so as expected they don t matter one ended up saving vers and for yon rogg which has literally ZERO context there is none ree and xandarians go from hating each other to this random soldier just agreeing to help you rogg and save vers okayyyyythe only good thing about this book is minn erva i just love minn erva and i was worried she would maybe be a two minute side character in the movie if this is the preuel i am really hoping she has a big role in the movie too and the same interactions with carol vers As an adult reader I found the constant skipping back and forth in time in this book extremely confusing so I imagine ids in the actual age group it s targeted at have a difficult time I m reviewing this far generously now that I now it came out before the movie It s a decent harmless adventure to get readers excited to see it but in my opinion it adds virtually nothing to the story or characters and doesn t stand all that well on its own I really liked the movie but wasn t all that sure I actually wanted to read any novels related to it but this one did come my way and it was a short listen so I tried it out It was pretty good they are two stories that are missions from her time as vers in the starforce her time as Vers in the Starforce how she deals with a few of the crew members we see her with in the movie It s meant for the younger audience but it didn t feel childish in any way so this could be read by anyone So since I m just really a casual fan wanting to now a little it can also be enjoyed by a bigger Marvel universe or just Captain Marvel fan as well I ve loved Captain Marvel since SHE WAS REINVENTED IN KELLY SUE was reinvented in Kelly Sue s seminal 2012 comic run I was so excited to see her in the new film but also excited for the merchandise and tie ins like this I read and enjoyed Captain Marvel Higher Further Faster which covered Carol s first year at the USAF Academy This book focuses on the character while she is a member of the Kree Starforce and is nown by the name Vers Like the other book this skews to the younger tween end of the YA audienceStarforce on the Rise ties closely into the film and focuses on two separate missions Vers goes on as part of the elite team The first is a mission with Minn Erva and for those who fe. Er time with Starforce setting up the perfect entry point for readers to Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel in spring 201.

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Captain Marvel25 starsThe book is tedious and though I read it to prep for the movie it really adds nothing to the movie That is to say movie is so much betterI have read companion books to other big franchise movies and games Halo and Star Wars come to mind books to other big franchise movies and games Halo and Star Wars come to mind even compared to those this is sub parSo go watch the movie Nothing to see here I had planned on reading this book before watching the Captain Marvel film It s probably best that I didn t because the book doesn t stand alone well You need to be familiar with the character to understand all the context The timeline in the second mission is all chopped up and the narrative present jumps all ovr the place I suspect this was done for suspense and for the benefit of action and pacing for suspense and for the benefit of action and pacing I think the average id will have a hard time following such a dice up story line Okay But ultimately disappointing I m not the biggest fan of Captain Marvel as a character I read a few volumes of one of the recent comic runs a while ago I didn t really connect with them and I just didn t have much interest in continuing But I m a sucker for TV and movie tie ins so when I saw this and loved the cover I bought it I had read this author s Auaman middle grade novel a little while ago and while I didn t like that as much as I wanted to I certainly liked this book a lot I would have absolutely loved this when I was a id and I still really enjoyed it as an adult as well This has a lot of action and adventure the character banter was funny and likable I loved the Starforce team and Minn Erva especially this was just such a fun read I ve been in the middle of a terrible reading slump and this was light and fun and just what I wanted it to beJust a heads up though for parents looking to get this for just what I wanted it to beJust a heads up though for parents looking to get this for ids there is the lightest bit of swearing sprinkled in here just about two instances of the D word and wth and I don t mean heck It surprised me that those were in there but if you are going to actually read this to your The Conshohocken Register kids like at bedtime it s not such a big deal to just skip those words but still unless you re going to do that this might be better for older middle grade agedidsOverall I would recommend this if you want a cool superhero book to read to your A Course Of Practical Chemistry For Agricultural Students Vol 2 kids the lightest of curses notwithstanding It doesn t have the politics that seem to surround Captain Marvel at the moment and it s just a fun superhero adventure with good action which is all I really wanted from this novel I am glad I bought it This book feels like the mid point in a television show Just a filler episode There is no real introduction or setup the characters aren t really explained We re jus. Before Carol Danvers was Captain Marvel she was Vers aey member of the elite Kree Starforce warriors who wage their. .

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T plopped into the story mid point with no real development A fun and simple read 2 starsIt wasn t that this book was bad It was uite easy to understand despite poorly paced in places It introduces and mostly explains elements that someone unfamiliar with the character wouldn t now The plot makes sense for the most part The language is suitable for a young adult audience It is just that the read feltPatronising Seriously playing down the intelligence of the reader in places The tone is consistent in this and it is constantly grating It spoiled what could have been a lot better read So I literally only wanted to read this because of the yon rogg content I would get and BOY I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED IT STARTED OFF WITH I was not disappointed It started off with lot of minn erva content and that was great because there was hardly any in the film and then it got goodThe pacing was a little weird It cut back and forth between missions at times but I understood as I went alongIt helped understand starforce as a team and their dynamic especially yon rogg s and vers He really like likes her and you can tell he DOES have that softspot for her it was nice to see This was a uick read it s a ids book so obviously I would finish it uickly Read it if you want I guess I read it for as I said yon rogg content and I got it so i read this in one sitting in two hours it wasn t Bad but not Good at all especially if you enjoy comic captain marvel but hey it Pour Moi Seule kept me entertained for two hours instead of sitting on my phonethe characterization of carol vers is absolutely horriblei understand this is a children s prose novel but it really makes me worried for the movie carol this carol is cringey yes carol is funny and she makes jokes but vers didn t make jokes at all she just had some cringey comments and uGh it was gag worthy when she would say an earth phrase like teachers pet and awkwardly shrug it off when another character asked what it meantnot only was carol weird it was just bad writing everything was pretty predictable especially sun val being a skrull it s like the author forgot what they wrote early in the book vers says sir yes sir to yon rogg who thinks it s a joke rather than a reply to a command carol versnows this response from her time in the air force a reply to a command carol vers Manual Of Ready Reference To Classic Fiction knows this response from her time in the air force and then later on another starforce member replies to yon rogg the same way because henew that s how to reply to a commander so when carol said it they had no idea but later on it s so common of a phrasealso vers literally has a whole ass photon battery on her neck WHAT what IS this comic carol does NOT have that and it made me so angry and confused there is NO explanation as War against the eually formidable Skrull aliens This middle grade novel will focus on The Puppet Show Vol 2 key adventure of Vers during