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The UN ndorsed human Security At The 2005 World at the 2005 World the African Union was convening the sixth round of peace talks on the crisis in Darfur The disjuncture between word and deed xposes a fundamental uestion as to the role of the UN and law in the international landscape In short the book resides at the intersection between idealism and realism and ultimately offers a prognosis of the capacity of the UN normative including international law operational and institutional to pursue a human security policy agendaThis

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book will of much interest to students of human security international law critical security human rights and IR in general. This book valuates how far the UN has mbraced human security as a Policy Agenda And Explores agenda and xplores relevance for international lawThe Public Papers Of Lucius Robinson extent to which the UN hasmbraced human security as a viable policy agenda has implications and conseuences for international law such as the challenge to basal precepts including the principle of non intervention Eually determining the relevance of human security for international law speaks to the xtent to which the UN operates as a norm giver and ultimately a law giver in the international landscape Thus the study "is situated within a broader assessment of the interaction between the " situated within a broader assessment of the interaction between the and international law Drawing on In. Ternational Relations theories specially critical security studies and on trends in international law and constitutionalism amongst others the book addresses the following uestionsthe contribution of the UN to the development of the idea of human xtent to which if at all the UN has translated human security into practice;whether the UN is an forum for pursuing a human security policy agenda;whether human security is xpressed in international law and if so what prospects and challenges face human security
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such an is a clear dissonance between the rhetoric and reality of human security as seen by the fact that as. .

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Human Security and International Law