(EBOOK/EPUB) [The 'desegregation' of English Schools: Bussing, Race and Urban Space, 1960s–80s] by Olivier Esteves

The 'desegregation' of English Schools: Bussing, Race and Urban Space, 1960s-80s

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It examines the ailed attempt over orty years ago to de segregate schools attended by migrant especially "Asian children by their orced dispersal bussing them to white schools The hysterical reaction to "children by their The Education Of A Design Entrepreneur forced dispersal bussing them to white schools The hysterical reaction to minorities the nostalgiaor an all white England and the ignorance of central and local government in the s and s were all still apparent around the Brexit vote Sally Tomlinson Emeritus Professor at Goldsmiths Honorary Fellow in the Department of Education University of Oxford and Associate in the Department of Sociology University of Warwick Olivier Esteves explores Ethnic Minority Experiences Memories And Resistance With Insight And Sensitivity minority experiences memories and resistance with insight and sensitivity a study that is sure to provoke readers to ask new uestions about the history of diversity in s s and early s Britain Elizabeth Buettner University of Amsterdam Esteves should be congratulated FOR THE DEPTH AND THE BREADTH OF ARCHIVAL RESEARCH the depth and the breadth of archival research locates the uestion of desegregation and schooling. This is the irst ever book length work on English bussing an "Integrationist Policy Introduced By "policy introduced by Local Education Authorities in the early s It reveals the How To Draw Manga failure oforced dispersal despite its stated aim of spreading the burden and promoting linguistic and cultural integration bussing served only to urther segregate and left immigrant children vulnerable to racial harassment Esteves explores the implementation and impact of bussing in Southall and Bradford where it was a key measure and considers the extent to which the policy was heavily improvised and based on unscientific claims He also discusses places where bussing was low key including Huddersfield Halifax and West Bromwich and the education authorities which refused to introduce it such as Birmingham and London This book is a brilliant and timely study bringing together a history of English public policies on race post colonial thinking on immigration and the realities of urban education. Firmly within a historical context of English towns "and cities drawing upon Empirical Data And empirical data and Drawing upon rich empirical data insight Esteves clinically shows how the policy of bussing developed how it was contested and inally rejected during the s This book is an essential read Provocative Graphics for anyone interested in the uestion of race and schooling Shamim Miah Senior Lecturer at the University of Huddersfield Esteves new work constitutes a place by place treatment of the troubling phenomena of bussing and educational dispersal It is aine piece of scholarship and a sensitive analysis of an important moment in postwar British history complete with transatlantic resonances Brett Bebber Associate Professor of History at Old Dominion University USA Olivier Esteves has written an important and timely book The insights Esteves provides regarding immigration assimilation and citizenship will be of interest to a wide range of readers Matthew Delmont Professor of History at Dartmouth Colle.

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