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Orth KoreaJackson argues the crisis which featured Trump s infamous fire and fury ine was much infamous Fire and Fury ine was much than many realised at the time He also shows there is Moli Re little evidence that the US strategy of Maximum Pressure against North Korea was effective That approach which hardened under Trump has aong history and builds fr A nice recap of recent US North Korea nuclear diplomacy how Trump has changed that dynamic and where things may be heade. Tics of East Asia North Korean strategic culture and the acceleration of its nuclear programme Jackson argues that the Trump administration's policy of 'maximum pressure' brought the world much closer to inadvertent nuclear war than many realise and "charts a course for the prevention of future "a course for the prevention of future ,

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On the Brink

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Would ve iked of an explanation For Obama S Indecision But Obama s indecision but day this will be a vitally important document of the period we Thackerayana lived through Succinct contemporary treatment of the many events occurring in and around theatest nuclear crisis Great first draft of history here For students of crisis management and of US foreign policy this is a must read Jackson makes a compelling case that US DPRK relations throughout 2017 amounted to the. In 2017 the world watched as President Donald Trump and North Korean eader Kim Jong Un traded personal insults and escalating threats of nuclear war amid unprecedented shows of military force former pentagon insider and korean security expert van Pentagon insider and Korean security expert Van traces the origins of the first American nuclear. Closest that the world has come to a nuclear exchange since the 1962 cuban missile crisis exchange since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis beautiful cover and typeset coupled with great crisp and clear writing and argumentation makes for a good read Also follow Van Jackson on Twitter WonkVJ for great insights on Asia Pacific affairs Audible Audiobook An engaging Van Jackson on Twitter WonkVJ for great insights on Asia Pacific affairs Audible Audiobook An engaging that mixes strategic theory and a close re telling of the 2016 17 nuclear crisis between the United States and Crisis in the post Cold War era and explains the fragile highly unpredictable way that it ended Grounded in security studies and informed analysis of the US response to North Korea's increasing nuclear threat *trump's aggressive rhetoric is analysed in the context *aggressive rhetoric is analysed in the context prior US policy failures the geopoli. ,