Sea Time

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The first watch connoisseur's guide to explore a century of performing stylish chronometers for watersports adventures above below the waves sailing yachting century high performing stylish chronometers watersports adventures above and below the waves sailing yachting divingFrom the Rolex Submariner Omega Seamaster and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms to dive watches by DOXA Tudor IWC Patek Philippe and TAG Heuer SEA TIME Watches Inspired by Sailing Yachting and Diving takes a pinpoint periscope look at than 100 contemporary and vintage nautical inspired mechanical timepieces With a foreword. ,
By best selling adventure novelist Cussler and images by art
photographer peter eaton 
Peter Eaton SEA TIME written by Aaron Sigmond and Mark Bernardo interweaves history the sailing countdown chronographs and dive watches' classic style in a comprehensive first of its kind monograph A detailed look at the development and history of these oceanic and coastal inspired chronometers is followed by An Encyclopedic Index Chapters encyclopedic index chapters The Icons the dozen most classic dive watches ever. ,

Made Sailing and Regatta Watches Dive Watches and for those merely lounging instead of plunging into the briny deep By the Pool Watches and for those merely lounging instead of plunging into the briny deep By the Pool At the Shore Informative and visually striking this captivating guide is the ideal gift for watch collectors and timepiece devotees as well as all those who have a timeless appreciation for akish sporty style SEA TIME A Seuel To The Much TIME a seuel to the much DRIVE TIME Watches Inspired by Automobiles Motorcycles and Racing is like its predecessor the first book of its ki.

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