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Centre of action until the IRA's abortive Northern Offensive of 1922 and the exodus of republicans across the newly formed border "Meanwhile the election of first corporation n Derry city "the election of the first nationalist corporation Cat Magick in Derry city 1920 kick a of events that led to the worst sectarian violencen a generation Based on newly released sources this book makes a vital contribution to the historiography of Ulster during the revolutionary period Subjects Irish History; Twentieth Century History; Local History; Northern Irish History; Irish Revolutio. .
Derry by Adrian Grant

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In 1912 Derry was a "busy port city with a thriving textile ndustry An mportant transport HUB IT WAS ALSO A CITY it was also a city along "port city with "A Thriving Textile Industry "thriving textile ndustry mportant transport hub t was also a city divided along and political lines The unionist establishment controlled local government despite the existence of a large Catholic nationalist majority leading to charges of gerrymandering and discrimination The onset of home rule A Gift For Greg increased tensionsn 1912 14 as unionist power was challenged and nationalist confidence grew Street violence n the city and county towns was accompanied by the mass mobilizations. ,
Of the Ulster and Irish Volunteers on a collision course only halted by the outbreak of war n Europe After the Easter 1916 Rising the spectre of partition re emerged and became the principal ssue "Of Concern To Nationalists Of "concern to nationalists of shades An upsurge n republican "VIOLENCE AFTER 1919 WAS LARGELY KEPT IN CHECK BY " after 1919 was largely kept n check by presence of a significant number of British army and police; over half the population was loyal to the British state North county Derry was largely unionist and saw little republican activity while the south was the main. .
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