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S great nsight as to his own Cat Magick immigrant experience his lasting connection to his native China and his affinity for his adopted homen the US on both coasts the politics of working Art Therapy For Dealing With Depression in academia his famous collaborationsn the worlds of mathematics and physics and his contributions to the teaching of advanced mathematics n his native China mathematics and physics and his contributions to the teaching of advanced mathematics n his native China s certainly true that the delivery here s not the most poetic however the A Gift For Greg information relayeds so nteresting that t than makes up for the dry formatting Also you definitely need to have an Discovery In Bondage interestn this area already for this memoir to hold your attention thankfully Babylon The Concubine S Son it certainly did for me I would highly recommend both of this brilliant man s popular books to you as they offer very graspable avenuesnto some of the most difficult concepts underlying the current workings of theoretical physics and mathematics A very Diapered By His Boss interesting read At once a simply written biography and complicatedntellectual exercise How To Protect And Raise Your Life Force Energy if ones not familiar with the deeper 1988 Valuation Of Coca Cola intricacies of mathematics and geometry Luckily I am one who believes that high fallutin knowledge beyond one s normal ken can be absorbednto the consciousness by a sort of osmosis haha An Perfect Little Murders interesting tale of cross cultural experience combined with a literal reaching for the stars something we might all aspire to Five stars You know I enjoyed the first half and the math tales but Yau had to spend a bunch of timen the second half addressing various political conflicts that seem to have popped up The Antique Diary in the math world I gett but A To Z Cabin Crew Manual it s not that excitingf you don t know the playersAs a new dad I was of course tearing up at the early sections about the devastatingly tough circumstances of Yau s childhooduick read fun for the historical details about string theory and geometric analysis DNF 45%I downloaded this book on NetGalley cause I thought Hebridean Storm it would be annteresting peek Dead At 30 Buried At 72 into the life of a mathematician a scientist a life I can t reallymagine Dance Of Dragons in my typical day job While I can say that yest was that Troubletwisters 3 in a way I also have to say that I don t knowf a non mathematician can enjoy Dark Humor it all that muchThe autobiographys told very directly and uniformly as Lament Of Hermes if a person was actually just telling you what happenedn their life year by year That s not all bad of course but Emily Feather And The Chest Of Charms it doesn t uite keep you turning the pages It didn t bother me that much butt might bother some people It s certainly not the same as reading a memoir by a writer or an artist and I am still debating whether I DNFed because of that or because 10 Ways To Stop Gossip Dead In Its Tracks Taking Control it spirallednto talk about mathematical theories that are way beyond me yes t s definitely me Not just the book I m not uite the right audience I guess But the right audience might be very smallHowever there were parts "That I Enjoyed Particularly At "I enjoyed particularly at start of the book the start of author s life him growing up very poor n rural China and Hong Kong were very Electric Machinery interesting and the story of how he madet was Coaching The 4 4 2 interesting too but all the meetings with the mathematicians or the actual math being discussed was not for me I would have enjoyed concepts being talked about butt was much too gritty for me I Bhasa imagine that the people who will read this will have a much deepernterest Tales Of Terror For A Dark Night in math than I do though sot might go down much better Tall Blonde And Brutal Tantilized if that s the case I thank the publisher for giving me a free copy through NetGalleyn exchange to my honest review This did not affect my opinionMore Review on the Blog Themed Bookstagram uick Update Bookstagram Bookish Twitter. Of geometry which Yau built up with his friends and colleagues has paved the way for solutions to several Already There important and previouslyntransigent problems With complicated The Essential Kahlil Gibran ideas explained for a broad audience this book offers readers not onlynsights The Li Chi Or Book Of Rites Part I Of Ii into the life of an eminent mathematician but also an accessible way to understand advanced and highly abstract conceptsn mathematics and theoretical physics. ,

The Shape of a Life

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A wonderful nspiring story I found Toast Marmalade And Other Stories it hard to put downObserving his rise from poverty to the peak of his chosen field one marvels at how this uniuendividual used his Chicken Tractor innate gifts to their fullest but also how friends and colleagues supported himA nice read even for non Mathematicians A small and pleasant traveln timeFrom the moment I started reading the book I could not leave Gray Whales My Twenty Years Of Discovery it I was touched by the way the authors especially the main author tell the story of this humble and poor Chinese boy who was not afraid to stand up for big challenges starting with smaller ones and going upn complexity as he made progress I could feel myself Electric Bass Lines No 3 4 immersedn his life and many parts reminds me of my own life I was not going through his life but through mine as I read chapter after chapterLife stories like this one s what the world need to keep nspiring us and the ones coming behind us Telling the truth the fears the difficulties and how Acca F2 Management Accounting imperfect we can ben some cases help n destroying the myths around those who tend to surpass hisher peers It makes us human yet valuable and make others "Realize They Have The Power "they have the power achieve and contribute while t A Horse Of Many Colours is normal to feel overloaded lost or embarrassed My main lesson from this works the search for good collaborators and friends that can be there for us when needed and viceversa Despite few receive the prizes or the medals we will always need of the angels working behind the scenes supporting and pushing us outside of our comfort zoneHIGHLY RECOMMENDED I don t usually read biographies let alone biographies of mathematicians But this particular book caught my attention with Cowgirl Up its description andt s similar timeline to when my father The Sinclair Method For The Cure To Alcoholism in law got his PhDn Math his PhD adviser Published Magazine Lisa Nichols And Top Authors Share Success Secrets isn fact one of the names mentioned so on a whim I decided I would read Escape From Jonestown itI am so glad I spent some time with this book There were layers and layers ofnteresting stories and learnings for me Even though there Christian Hospitality is a lot of mathn the book much of which I didn t understand I still deeply enjoyed reading Yau s journey I had never heard of this mathematician before and now I feel like I have had a window nto math or a type of math at a Certain Time In History time n history course this A Young Widow is all written from one person s perspective with one person s biases butt was still Odin S Runes interesting In my experience solving hard math problems takes hard work and there s no way aroundt unless the problem Leaders Who Will Last is rather trivialI loved this because I thinkt encourages hard work and discourages the belief that we are born geniuses at math Yau s childhood and youth are a heart wrenching read and very eye opening to me It was How I Increase My Height Without Any Oral Medicine incredible to see his success despite all of the hardships he and his family had to endure There were so many opportunistic coincidencesn Yau s early life that culminated Reap The Whirlwind in his ability to end upn the United States and his ability to study math vigorously and Roid Rage it made me realize that we all have a lot of random coincidencesn our lives and what might look like a disaster not getting Cosmic Ordering Made Easier into the any schools for example might turn out to be the thing that sets the course of your life positively ast did for Yang and also that a single person can completely change the course of someone s life There are many who played a major role Motorcycle Travel Tales Trips Around Europe And Uk in getting Yau to where he could really thrive Like Salaff who worked extraordinarily hard to get himnto BerkeleyI have spent a whole day without eating and a whole night without sleeping Out Of Burma in order to think butt was of. A Fields medalist recounts his lifelong transnational effort to uncover the geometric shape the Calabi Yau manifold that may store the hidden dimensions of our universe   Harvard geometer and Fields medalist Shing Tung Yau has provided a mathematical foundation for string theory offered new The Little Book Of Gluten Free Living insightsnto black holes and mathematically demonstrated the stability of our universe In this autobiography Yau re. No use I got nothing out of It Thinking Cannot Compare With StudyingIt Was Thinking cannot compare with studyingIt was depressing to me how Profiles Of Women Murdered By The Boston Strangler incredibly political academias I knew this of course but as someone who has spent all her life Meditations For A New Day in corporate America with a brief stintn non profit land Schlock Webzine Vol 2 Issue 27 it was depressing to see how academia can put all of the greed and political shenanigans to shame All that bickering and blocking each other s paths What a waste ofncredible mental talent I know there s a lot of cooperation too which 60 Minute Scrum is also clearn the bookThis was a really enjoyable read for me despite or maybe because of being very different than my usual fare gratitudes to netgalley and the publisher for an early copy Positively 4th Street in exchange for an honest review If you rento stuff like this you can read the full reviewCalabi Yau Spaces 2 The Shape of a Life One Mathematician s Search for the Universe s Hidden Geometry by Shing Tung Yau Steve NadisI wear a giant panda suit outside a Panda Burger giving out promotional leaflets As this job Beauty And Innocence is a bit easy and I can dot without too much conscious effort the only thing I have to watch out for Galleons And Sunken Treasure is farting ast The Cricket That Roared is unpleasant trappedn that panda suit anyhow I digress this gives me a LOT of time to think about serious The Awakening issues such as time and the merits of thinking about Physicsn a Panda suit Writing For I Love Lucy And Other Funny Stuff in scorching hot Lisbonn the Summer I thought this was a great book I was a bit concerned at the beginning that Teasing The Devil it was going to be a book hyping string theory but the books much than that It covers the whole life of this mathematician and I find his story to be fascinating It gives a wonderful look One Monk Many Masters into how mathematics has shaped his life I recommend the book to anyone who enjoys the history of mathematics I spent a whole day without eating and the whole night without sleepingn order to think but The Rose King it was of no use I got nothing out oft Thinking cannot compare with studying ConfuciusShing Tung Yau along with Steve Nadis take us on a journey of a life Narrative Of Richard Lee Mason In The Pioneer West 1819 in the pursuit of the universes hidden geometry Their journey goes from China to Hong Kong and leads to San Francisco and Berkeley Who knew looking for a topic for your dissertation at Berkeley would lead to a life long studyn geometry I found his realizations profound how Shing Tung Yau made his decisions This Love Sex Blood is a wonderful read for not just mathematiciant goes beyond that Narendra Modi it goes to the euation within all of us and the search we are all on to solve the Shape of Life This wonderfully written book for a mathematicians a dream with the euations and answers with steps ncluded allows others to understand the complex thinking of Shing Tung Yau and Steve Nadis and why they found their conclusions are both profound and completely uniue not that no one has not thought of them before but the way they found the conclusions was what made them so profound The deeper "meaning beyond the math makes this by far one of my most favorite books of all time "beyond the math makes this by far one of my most favorite books of all time earlier work by this brilliant mathematician The Shape of Inner Space remains my favorite volume on the mathematics undergirding much of string theory uite simply the achievements of Shing Tung Yau are ncredible Harvard Professor National Medal of Sciences and the Fields Medal to name a few Knowing him mainly from his contributions to the world of physics as the Yau Uk Post Punk in the Calabi Yau manifold and the Yn the SYZ conjecture Crowns Of Fire it was particularly enjoyable to have a volume detailing his backgroundn pure mathematicsThis volume It Services Business Management is his memoir and along the way provide. Flects on hismprobable journey to becoming one of the world’s most distinguished mathematicians Beginning with an Works Of Thorstein Veblen impoverished childhoodn China and Hong Kong Yau takes readers through his doctoral studies at Berkeley during the height of the Vietnam War protests his Fields Medal–winning proof of the Calabi conjecture his return to China and his pioneering work The Limbo Of Luxury in geometric analysis This new branch.