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G people in his charge He talks about enjoying watching his opponents suirm That bugs me can we rise above Can we focus on what we believe is right rather than getting in a good burn on the people we don t like The main thing that I cannot get over is that for all of his talk about being a straight shooter and calling people out he never calls Trump out During the Access Hollywood tape and other issues described in the book he never acknowledges how disgusting the situations were He just talks about how they needed to get Donald out of it He claims to be friends with Melania but never gives Donald a hard time about treating her like crap Trump straight up lies about Christie during the New Hampshire primaries and Christie shrugs it off and continues to support him while at the same time telling us the reader about other people in his life that he writes off for far lessMaybe it s because he truly is a patriot and figured that it was his duty to contribute to the campaign and presidency He says this a bit jn his insistence that he didn t want Hillary as pres I guess I just wish at some point Christie had said this guy is an unualified sleazy dirtbag but I support his presidency Instead he continues to speak of him as a friend and take his wife down for lunches with him Christie seems to have so much integrity except when it comes to TrumpI m at a loss The books was readable and interesting though MEH Jen from uebec 0 Let Me Finish is interesting as it provides Christie s perspective on Trump s campaign and presidency He also describes his career as a prosecutor which included the "case against Jared Kushner s father and his tenure as New Jersey "against Jared Kushner s father and his tenure as New Jersey Bridgegate anyoneI d heard that Christie tends to demonize aides while letting famous people off the hook suck up kick down That philosophy was evident in anecdotes Christie related in his book if something negative occurred it was always aides fault never that of Romney Trump etc It s clear he doesn t want to burn any political bridges with the rich and powerfulI listened to the audiobook narrated by the author I wouldn t characterize this as a must read but it is an interesting insider account of the Trump campaign This is a campaign bio in which Chris Christie positions himself as the loyal party soldier who tried to avert the disasters of Trump s administration He shows himself as a politically savvy manager capable of leading hurricane recovery working with Democrats producing balanced budgets and writing a 26 binder transition p Hmmm I am definitely not a fan of or sympathetic to Christie but I was curious to read this since the library got it and I didn t have to put into his pocket I found the first third covering his early days and being governor and all tedious and oh so skimmable but once we got to the campaign and transition it was kind of fun to revisit it again since we know so much after 2 ears than we did back thenview spoilerIt s all everyone else s fault because they didn t stick with his well laid transition binders and staff the idiots in charge tossed them and then did what they pleased How great it would have been if they d heeded his adviceOh and Sessions screwed the pooch by waiting so long to recuse since he should have known in November talking to the Russians was dumb and he should have talked it over with Donald before he got nominated Flynn takes a beating from Christie for being dumber than Don Jr and LOL right after he was fired and Christie was having "lunch in the WH and Spicer s giving a press briefing on the Flynn matter and guess who calls " in the WH and Spicer s giving a press briefing on the Flynn matter and guess who calls s *phone to complain about the way Spicer s talking about him hide *to complain about the way Spicer s talking about him hide Nsition plan put the new administration in the hands of self serving amateurs all but guaranteeing the Trump presidency's shaky start Christie also addresses hot button issues from his own ears in power including what really went down during Bridgegate And for the first time Christie tells the full story of the Kushner saga how as a federal prosecutor Christie put Jared Kushner's powerful father behind bars a fact Trump's son in law makes Christie pay for later Packed with news making revelations and told with the kind of bluntness few politicians can match Christie's memoir is an essential guide to understanding the Trump presiden.

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Clueless nut At one point Trump tries to comp Christie s rather "Large Dinner Bill At One "dinner bill at one Trump s restaurants The result is a heated argument between Christie and Trump in which Christie tries to convince Trump that it s illegal for a federal prosecutor which Christie was at the time to receive gifts comped dinners ualifying as one Trump could not seem to understand or didn t seem to careEven when Christie Was Without Warning was without warning justifiable cause let go as the head of Trump s transition team leading up to the November election Christie doesn t have many bad things to say about TrumpWorse Christie blames two people for his being fired Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner Bannon no surprise comes across as a morally shady self aggrandizing douche bag whose horrible worldviews and advice tainted Trump s campaignKushner Trump s son in law was the son of Charles Kushner who was sent to prison for tax evasion retaliating against a federal witness and perjury all while Christie was federal prosecutor Christie believes that Kushner still held a personal grudge against him and was the real impetus for him getting firedKeep in mind Christie has no actual evidence to support his claims He s simply going on a hunch Not that his arguments aren t strong or convincingThe problem is that nowhere in the book is Trump blamed for anything Christie feels that Trump is just being led down the wrong paths due to advisors with petty and short term selfish interestsIf this is the case though shouldn t we be extremely freaked out by the fact that we have a person in the Oval Office who can neither think nor act for himself and has surrounded himself with bad actors out to destroy the country for their own self gain Christie doesn t seem freakedHere s what I think Christie is like most Americans fucking freaked as hell that Trump is in office but he obviously can t say that because he s a politician and he still has to play the gameWhich is ultimately why Let Me Finish is so damn disappointing Because I was for the most part getting to like Christie If he had simply been honest with himself and the American people by saying that Trump is unfit to be president and it s his fault that we are in the hot mess we are in I would have been okay with that Instead Christie simply shifts the blame for fear of pissing off Trump That s not in our face politics as Christie likes to call it That s just typical saving face politics Full of Christie self aggrandizing and and Trump berating The first third about Christie s early ears was pretty boring It got a bit better when he tells of his close relationship with Trump and the gives lowdown on the the chaos during the 2016 presidential campaign until the present No surprises much venting Another interesting book about politics Trump and NJ It s mostly about Christie himself and is a shameless piece of self promotion Hearing him tell it he never ever made a mistake whether as a prosecutor Governor presidential candidate or Trump supporter In telling his story he manages to trash a huge number of people including Romney Pence Hillary most of the WH staff Bannon Kushner and many others Still despite my criticism it s a pretty fascinating inside baseball look at NJ politics and Trump I think I m addicted to this sht I was slightly obsessed with this book There is a lot that I like about Chris Christie and part of me wants to really like him but I think he is genuinely interested in bipartisan work I believe that he is a patriot and cares about people He says in this book that he loves being in charge and being the boss he doesn t say anything about being a true leader and developing and empowerin. Christie was nearly named his running mate But within days of Trump's surprise victory over Hillary Clinton Christie was in for his own surprise he was being booted out In Let Me Finish Christie sets the record straight about his tenure as a corruption fighting prosecutor and a Republican running a Democratic state as well as what really happened on the 2016 campaign trail and inside Trump Tower Christie takes readers inside the ego driven battles for Trump's attention among figures like Steve Bannon Corey Lewandowksi Reince Priebus Kellyanne Conway Jeff Sessions and Paul Manafort He shows how the literal trashing of Christie's tra. ,
Just uck let me break down the truth according to Chris Christie1 Chris Christie is just awesome and he really really wants everyone to know He was a US attorney don tcha know And a governor a good good governor And he would have been the best president but he totally supports 45 and was the first governor to do so and really should have been VP or AG 2 If only the lying stupid idiots on the Trump campaign basically everyone except for the guys Christie brought in would have listened to him the Trump administration would have been the best EVER3 Democrats suck4 Hilary Clinton double sucks5 Flynn Manafort Bannon and especially Jared are super sucky lying backstabbers I think the book is an "INTERESTING READ AND IN THE PAST "read and in the past had liked Chris Christie I liked his blunt truthfulness and his ability to work with both Dems and Reps During his first term as governor of New Jersey he was a diligent and hard worker During his run for President Trump said some incredibly crappy things Former New Jersey Governor and
presidential candidate Chris Christie s allautobiography Let Me Finish is remarkable only in its unremarkableness This isn t to say that it s not readable or entertaining It is however somewhat disappointing from a larger than life implied fat joke unintended I swear political figure that in any other given election Pelda Os A La Cumbre year might have had an actual shot as a Republican nomineeI was never a Christie fan but then again I m neither a registered Republican nor am I from New Jersey For a while there Christie was a GOP golden boy being touted as a potential strong nominee Then 2016 happenedNearly every Republican with even the slightest name recognition and even some who didn t ran in the primaries for the presidential nomination that fatefulear Does anyone remember the debates What a crazy shit show If Lil Marco Rubio and Donald Trump s argument over their penis size didn t send up a red flag that this was going to be a crazy election season I m not sure what would ualify I m still not because 2016 was also the El Discernidor year in which Trump made fun of the handicapped POWs and Mexicans with complete impunity On top of that there was the infamous Access Holywood tape in which Trump basically admitted to sexual assault In the Real World that would have knocked any other candidate out of the race But this was Bizarro World and Trump barely got a bump in his poll numbersSo Christie had to compete against all that which is to say he lost or to put it another way he never really made it out of the starting gateThankfully Christie seemed to have a few things going for him 1 A backbone and a thick skin He didn t seem the type to just lay down and whine about it He s from Jersey whereou pick Long Light yourself up and get back to work 2 A strong marriage and family support His wife of manyears Mary Pat and his four kids seem able to keep him grounded and real His devotion to his family doesn t come across as an act or political posturing 3 His friendship with Trump which goes back long before the 2016 electionDon t go into Let Me Finish thinking this is going to be a Trump bashing expose Far from it Christie doesn t have a lot of bad things to say about his millionaire real estate mogul friend but he *Does Have A Lot Of *have a lot of things to say about himOne of the strangest things about Christie s book is his anecdotes about his friendship with Trump which if they do anything positive it s making Trump seem like a somewhat normal human being Unfortunately they also make him look like an asshole an impression that Christie seems to think that Trump is completely okay with the guy is a New Yorker for Christ s sake and kind of From the outspoken former governor a no holds barred account of Chris Christie's rise to power through the bare knuckle politics of New Jersey and his frank startling insights about Donald Trump from inside the president's inner circle After dropping out of the 2016 presidential race Chris Christie stunned the political world by becoming the first major official to endorse Donald Trump A friend of Trump's for fifteen ears the two term New Jersey governor understood the future president as well as anyone in the political arena and Christie uickly became one of Trump's most trusted advisers Tapped with running Trump's transition team. Let Me Finish