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And a suggestion to leave well enough alone through its ages Relatable and a uick read if a little too neatly wrapped up E ARC from Edelweiss Plus ARC rovided by EDELWEISS PLUSGLAD SHORT FOR GLADYS THANKS TO HER MOTHER PlusGlad short for Gladys thanks to her mother trouble making friends in school and is glad of her younger sister Agnes and her older sister Mabey Her mother has moved out leaving her father with a tough career in tax law as well as all of the household management Perhaps because of this Glad spends most of her time at school fixing eople s roblems for them She eats lunch with Homework Harry a ten year old who skipped grades and keeps From Being Bullied By Selling being bullied by selling to other students Glad has a steady stream of Les Fouquet De Chantilly people who want help with excuses and otherroblems She s even caught the eye of the rincipal and been reprimanded although since she is not really breaking any rules or taking any money she can t really be unished She sends fake texts from an imaginary boyfriend to Madison delivers A Dictionary Of The Economic Products Of India Vol 1 Of 6 presents to Taye s crush lets tomboyish Izzy And when Glad decides theroblem that most needs fixing is her Le Roi Du Jour parents' relationship she finds herself in way over her head She'll have to call in all her favors and use all her skills to help theerson who most needs it herself. Classmates hoping that the favors she does will end up resulting in friendships But that doesn t Seem To Happen Even At to happen Even at her older sister Mabey expects her to cover for her When she learns that her mother is coming for a visit Glad decides that her father is due for a makeover so that her arents will realize how L Enseignement Secondaire Au Canada Vol 4 perfect they are for each other But all this fixing is taking a toll on Glad and she buckles under theressure especially when she realizes that Sophie Nelson a classmate with a tendency to take things has been using her I appreciated how messy Glad s life becomes even though she has good intentions and how she comes to realize that some folks have very good reasons for needing a situation fixed In the end though Glad needs to fix herself and leave everyone else to their own devices The author handles deftly some tough topics such as imperfect Proceedings Of The Wesley Historical Society Vol 4 parents who often say one thing and do another making it hard for their children to trust them Many middle graders will enjoy this book and find aath to self acceptance. S her empire From her table at the back of the cafeteria Glad arranges favors for her classmates in exchange for their friendship She solves every roblem handles every situation and saves every buttBut the jobs keep getting harder. .

Occupational irony narratives hit the middle school setThis is a charming story about a girl who can fix everyone s roblems except middle school setThis is a charming story about a girl who can fix everyone s roblems except own It is a familiar story but a fun and sweet one I really liked how kleptomania is La B Te Conqu Rante presented with empathy and kindness I also found it refreshing that Glad was willing to accept her own mistakes and I think the overall storymessage you can t fix everyone else sroblems helping Expositions Internationales Philadelphie 1876 people byerpetually allowing them to escape conseuences is not helpful at all etc etc etc could end up being really meaningful to both On The Art Of Living Together pushover kids and kids who don t like when events aren t under their control This is a book I would have loved as a kid but I really enjoyed it as an adult too There arelenty of folks out here who will recognize themselves in Gladys the twelve year old rotagonist in this book Glad has become known as a fixer in her middle grade class someone who can come up with solutions to tricky roblems or a way to avoid facing the conseuences of one s actions Glad is happy to help out her. Janice Erlbaum's Let Me Fix That for You is a uirky touching and laugh out loud middle grade novel about a girl capable of fixing everything but her own lifeTwelve year old Gladys Burke may not have many friends but at least she ha. Let Me Fix That for You

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