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Good book about a boy building his own ticket the same time the Apollo 11 is set to up off Very detailed and science specific which drags the read aloud ability down but boys in my class constantly borrowed this book to read individually I learned how TVs were in BW and the picture was snowy I think it should have pointed out that was because the broadcast was difficult from the moon I got to watch The Avengers and Star Trek in color on my TV and The Colors Were Really colors were really This was so cute and made my six year old want to go to the moonIt s two stories happening simultaneouslythe Apollo 11 astronauts are moonbound while at the same time a little boy is watching their progress intently and constructing his own backyard rocket The structure makes reading it aloud a little hard but it is fairly easy to differentiate the two narratives and period detail makes it clear that this boy is living in their time Full of great moon landing trivia and really good illustrations this is a great choice for a creative moon lover eager to follow in the footsteps of the first astronauts on the moon Drawing on his own lifelong fascination with astronomy and space travel authorillustrator Chris Gall takes readers back in time to July 20 1969 when humans first set foot on the Moon The full page illustrations and text capture all the anticipation for the launch of the Apollo 11 spacecraft and its journey to the moon While the three astronauts are going about their work and the lunar module the Eagle lands on the lunar surface one boy presumably the author and his brother plan their own journey into space launching a small model rocket and then mimicking the astronauts actions It s clear that this is a passionate interest for the boy and his family supports his interest completely It s also uite evident that writing and drawing this book was a labor of love for Gall and his tribute to the wonders of space exploration Back matter includes information about rockets and a glossar Go For the Moon A Rocket A Boy and the First Moon Landing by Chris Gall NONFICTION PICTURE BOOK Roaring Brook Macmillan 2019 20 9781250155795BUYING ADVISORY EL ESSENTIALAUDIENCE APPEAL HIGHA young boy follows the journey of the Apollo 11 astronauts on their trip to the MoonGall s illustrations are so gorgeous He hasn t written very many picture books and that is a total shame This one interweaves the true story of Apollo 11 with the fictional story of the boy and includes a treasure trove of facts about rocketry and the mission Space minded ids will love itCindy Library Teacher MLShttpskissthebookjrblogspotcom20 Obviously a labor of love for Gall loved the parallelism of the young Chris achieving his rocketry goals in the midst of the original moon landing This is one of the best books I ve read explaining the. Written and illustrated by Chris Gall Go for the Moon captures the fascinating detail and inspiring adventure of the moon landing It is a captivating celebration of one of humankind's greatest tech.

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Go for the MoonAce and creativity Readers are brought along on the first launch to Land On The on the and journey home So this is how that worked is went through my own mind as I read it Illustrated like a graphic novel the book takes realistically and artistically captures the retro feel of the 1960s This is the first books I ve encountered that makes rocket science accessible to and fun for all ages A must have for elementary nonfiction 629s Readable nonfiction and storytelling at its best Pair with other space travel books or even scientific inventions I like this paired with What Miss Mitchell Saw by Hayley Barrett as both books demonstrate how timeless sextants are and how they ve been used for ocean AND outer space navigation I would say a great pick for all elementary age students I can t imagine a appealing way to interest Contrebatterie Et Responce A La Legende Des Iesvistes kids in space science unless it is this bookIt s an oversized heavyweight photo realistic story of a space enthralled little boy whose life mirrors the first moon launch and landing With white framed double spread illustrations readers open to a rear view of a young boy staring out his bedroom window His walls shelves and toys all reveal a childlike but obsessive interest in space Text is white on the night darkened scene emphasizing the full moon glow and the substance of the textIn the morning three brave men will climb inside a giant rocket blast off into space and fly to the moon The astronauts are ready for the mission and so am IFrom that page forward this lad duplicates each stage of the process from his Tang breakfast to launching his self built rocket to suiting up for the moon landing to entering his cardboard landing capsule Soon he and family are pictured stretched out in front of their black and white grainy scratchy console television What a night that was That little boy was the authorillustrator Gall and he details his own engagement with rockets and space in the back matter That genuinely portrayed first person insight to the magnificent adventures of those days is matched by this book s ability to make superlativesid friendly Gall describes the skillful expertise demanded of the rocket crane operators It has to do with raw eggs but I won t spoil your reading with further details He compares massive weights and heights to stacks of elephants the Statue of Liberty and other familiar touchpoints Inserting science content and accurate descriptions provides informative facts to ids and to the adults who share this with them There is much about Gall s illustrations that remind me of Chris Van Alsburg JUMANJI POLAR EXPRESS and many others There is much in these two new picture books one tiny and clever the other massive and moving to spark curiosity and challenge in young readers minds 10 9 8 Let the summer explorations begin. Ook has prepared carefully too he explains the design of the spacecraft the flight from the earth to the moon and the drama of touching down while shadowing the astronaut's voyage with one of his ,

Process and I remember studying much of it in school in anticipation of the landing I even babysat for some ids while their parents went to a moon party that July Sunday in 1969 I ve had the pl This is a great book to share with ids around the anniversary of the first Moon walk It gives a great overview #of the entire process from preparations to launch to landing That isn t really what makes this book special # the entire process from preparations to launch to landing That isn t really what makes this book special There are a alot of books about the moon landing and space travel and astronauts What makes this book special is the childlike lens through which it is seen The little boy who is observing the moon landing at home has a parallel journey of his own Part model rocket exploration and part imaginary play this book captures the way ids build understanding about the world around them It also captures the way events like the First Moon Landing inspired an entire generation of children to believe in the impossible and reach for the stars and new scientific developments The refreshing blend of Chris Gall s childhood experiences building model airplanes a cardboard lunar module to reenact his own first trip to the moon and even preparing his body for an imaginary trip to the moon through practicing jumping explained as thrust into the air brings the 50 year anniversary of the first moon landing to life The description of the sections of the spacecraft and how they work together to launch Saturn V into space is described clearly with meticulous detail Learning from his author s note that Gall really did make his own rockets to propel into space an airplane that he built himself and even earned a pilot s license and flew makes it easy to understand why Go For The Moon is such an exciting passionate narrative non fiction book to discover Using scientific vocabulary and real such an exciting passionate narrative non fiction book to discover Using scientific vocabulary and real comparisons such as the fact that astronauts use sextants to navigate their path just as sailors long ago used them to guide their ships The Fun Facts glossary bibliography This would have been good to have 3 days ago for the 50th annivesary It was still a great reminder that even though the moon landing was before my time it was a huge event and an amazing scientific feat A few of the interesting factsAn iPhones has computing power than all the computers NASA used during the Apollo program The walls of the lunar module was slightly thicker than aluminum foilAstronauts had to take great care not to puncture the wallsThe company that made space suits for the astronauts had only made women s underwear before the space program I cannot wait to share this with my rocketspace loving readers Two stories side by side taking place as NASA engineers ground control and astronauts prepare for the first launch to the moon as the storyteller a young rocket enthusiast role plays with his own rocket sp. Nical achievements and most extraordinary feats of explorationThe Apollo 11 astronauts have prepared carefully for their attempt to be the first men to land on the moon The young narrator of this