The Pennypackers Go on Vacation (PDF)

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Personal Christianity eTexchange network for the review copy of this book all opinions are my own kidlitexchange partner Thanks to the kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book all opinions are my ownThe Pennypackers Go On Vacation by Lisa Doan will be released on 62519 This cute and funny story is a perfect back to school ornd of the year read aloud as the reader The Call Of The Master experiences the opposite of a child s dream vacation Readers will love the hilarious charactersspecially the dad who is a penny pincher himself It s a great light hearted story that will keep kids interest as the plot keeps winding and twisting It will keep you laughing to the very Mcguffey S Alternate Third Reader end middlegradereads kidlitexchange whatimreadingnow teachersofinstagram teachersfollowteachers summerreads teacherlibrarian readingteacher mglit book bookstagram Charlie Pennypacker has always wanted to go on a real vacation but like withverything Addresses At The Unveiling Of The Bust Of William A Graham else in his life his super cheap dad has always managed to ruin it He s made them camp in the back yard and pretend they were somewherelse and called that a vacation Argh So when his dad announces they re going on a Disney cruise Charlie can t believe itAnd he shouldn t have Because they re not Going On A Disney on a Disney They re on a Wisney cruise With his super obnoxious little sister of course and his x best friend turned nemesis Gunter Charlie goes along with Cinderalla and Mickey Mouser but why are those two men in suits chasing the boat from port to port and what is the captain hiding Maybe if Charlie can get Gunter to agree to a truce they can figure out what s really going on And have some fun in the processThis is a fun middle grade book that could be good for kids whose families are facing tighter budgets although Charlie s mom is not a tightwad like his dad and in fact is a lawyer and they have a decent income Or who and in fact is a lawyer and they have a decent income Or who their families awful and mbarrassing It s also just plain funny And it s nice that unlike in Ms Doan s last book there s not a true North And South Or Four Questions Considered enemy As anx best friend you figure pretty Reasons For Reform early on that Charlie and Gunter might work through their issues A light funarly middle grade book for anyone with a really irritating little sister who never got to go on the summer vacation of their dreams Poor Charlie Pennypacker His family finally gets to leave their backyard for a cruise and then he discovers they are on a Disney wannabe vacation and the captain seems to be avoiding two mysterious men in suits Every time the guys show up the captain goes back out to sea making

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excursions really On top of that his little sister Olive is keeping the Pennypacker parents on their toes with her shenanigans and Charlie s frenemy Gunther has joined them for the cruise as well Aargh This is a fun read and reminds me a bit of Roald Dahl and Lemony Snicket Could be the beginning of a new seriesThank you to Macmillan and NetGalley for a digital ARC in xchange for an honest review. Y dollars a day On top of that the captain is on the run from sinister men in dark suitsIt's a Caribbean game of cat and mouse involving wits interrogations a hidden room races against time and clever deceptions As Mr Pennypacker would say you can't get this kind of adventure on those other overpriced cruises. ,
I want to thank netgalley for giving me a copy of this book to review I really njoyed reading this giving me a copy of this book to review I really njoyed reading this The writing was Debate Bulletin entertaining and the subject matter was interesting The dad doesn t like to spend money and always opts for backyard vacations Well Charlie isn t having it any He finally gets his dad to agree to take the family on a real vacation Unfortunately it s not what Charlie had in mind This hilarious book is an adventure story that is perfect for fans of Chris Grabenstein Charlie Pennypacker is all too aware that his father is stingy After all their family vacations have often taken place in their back yard and haven t been particularly fun Still he has hopes that the Disney cruise his father has booked will make up for all those lean vacation years But he s underestimated his father once again To save money he has hooked the family up with a Wisney cruise a cut rate version of the real thing Not only is Cinderella shabby and tired but she smokes and the chef seems to know onlygg dishes What with his Disney loving younger sister Olive pitching a fit because her cabin features one not 101 dalmatians and his nemesis and former best friend Gunter Hwang along for the trip Charlie isn t sure if he ll survive this vacation The fact that two men keep showing up at very port of call causing the captain to head back to sea makes showing up at very port of call causing the captain to head back to sea makes boys suspicious and determined to get to the root of the mystery Readers should probably avoid this one if they are planning on a cruise very soon since it describes the worst case scenario but otherwise it s safe to read it and laugh at all the captain s On The Language Of Swinburne S Lyrics And Epics efforts to keep his ship and his finances afloat Anntertaining premise is maintained throughout this middle grades novel Charlie s dad is a cheapskate Imagine a cruise booked by a miser and suffered by his belabored family and you have this tale There are hijinks at sea Thanks to Lisa Doan for the laughs and illustrator Marta Kissi for the line drawings a working premise and a wacky read The Pennypackers Go On Vacation had me laughing from beginning to The True Church Showing What Is The True Church end Some of Mr Pennypacker s cheap ways reminded me so much of my childhood I couldn t help but giggle The friendships rekindled the crazy little sister and the wild adventures kept mentertained from start to finish I hope the Pennypackers will have adventures soon I received an Sancta Sophia And Troitza electronic ARC from MacMillan Children s Publishing Group through NetGalleyHilarious adventures of the Pennypacker family as thenjoy a vacation for the first time Each character is a stereotype for their professions or ages Dad is a cheapskate accountant Mom a cut
throat lawyer olive 
lawyer Olive six year old dramatic little sister Charlie a laid back oppressed young man Together they make life work The surrounding characters are ually humorous in the same style Doan keeps the action moving as they take a Disney like cruise which is anything but Disney like Her characte. The cheapest family in the world decides to go on an off brand cruise in this wacky mysteryadventure storyMr Pennypacker is cheap But Mrs Pennypacker has wrestled money for a vacation from his tightfisted grip and the family is on their way to a Disney cruise Charlie Pennypacker is thrilled to be going somewh. ,

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adds nough development for older readers to understand what s underneath their responses and actions Could pull in a reluctant reader with shorter chapters and asy to follow text kidlitexchange partnerThank you to the kidlitexchange network and the publisher for the advance copy of The Pennypackers Go On Vacation by Lisa Doan Mr Pennypacker true to his name is cheap He s never taken his family on vacation instead he s hosted annual vacations in his backyard transforming it by having his family imagine their in places like the Maine wilderness This year though he got a bonus from work and Mrs Pennypacker has decided that it s time they have a true vacation The Pennypackers nd up on a rickety former fishing boat filled with Disney like characters As they re leaving port in Miami two men in suits chase the captain onto the boat The mysterious men show up again at the next port causing the ship to leave in a hurry Charlie the Pennypacker s son is positive that the ship s captain is caught up with the mob and he and his Former Best Friend Gunter best friend Gunter set out to find out what s going on This is a hilarious and fun adventure story that is also full of mystery The description of characters and the setting is vivid Olive Charlie s little sister is both cute and terrifying at the same time I found myself laughing out loud after most of the scenes she was in My new favorite phrase might just be I will cook you like a french fry The book also has positive messages about remembering that competition and money aren t verything and they certainly aren t worth losing a friend over I m looking forward to adding this book to my classroom library and recommending it to students who are looking for a fun and ngaging read The Pennypackers Go On Vacation by Lisa Doan is a great middlegrade summer read Mr Pennypacker is cheap When his family demands a real vacation NOT A SLEEPOVER IN THE BACKYARD HE PROMISES THEM a sleepover in the backyard he promises them Disney Cruise But the cruise he booked is actually only Disney like aka Wisney The boat has a few Disney ish characters Mickey Mouser the chef who only knows how to cook ggs and Cinderalla a smoking Memoir Of The Hon Samuel Penhallow excursion guide Charlie Pennypacker is still happy to get to go on a trip anywhere but is not happy when hisnemy old best friend is on the trip too And to top it all off the ship s captain is on the run from men who meet the ship at Charcoal Sketches Three Books Complete In One every port It s a vacation adventure no one is going to forget As an attorney myself I reallynjoyed the legal references Mrs Pennypacker is an lawyer and has taught Charlie a lot about the legal system and burst out laughing when I learned the identity of the The Sow S Ear evil men who are after the captainFor ages 8 12 272 pages Look for this one when it is released on June 25 2019Thanks to macmillankids for sharing this book with kidlitexchange and thanks to the kidli. Ere anleven story luxury cruise liner 212 foot water slide and an all night buffet awaitsSo Charlie thinks The vacation is actually a Wisney cruise which means a dilapidated fishing boat fake Disney characters no water slide A Study Of Elizabeth Barrett Browning eggs forvery meal and his nemy Gunter Hwang who has been brought along for thirt. .
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