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In the past so this is what Chris does tooWhat s the point of all this To learn to live in the present and be happy with the good life you have I say huh The wife who rightfully had icked the guy out irrationally takes him back say huh The wife who rightfully had icked the guy out irrationally takes *him back tears and hugs because well you now love and living in the present and family I guess * back tears and hugs because well you Divine Right And Democracy know love and living in the present and family I guess matter what you have done in the past fugheddaboutit you get a pass if you just say you will love I guess The story is way confusing and you don t care in the least about the characters But I have a suggestion for Pixar Don t pick this one up for development Bad storytelling bad charcters bad work with universal themes Brian McDonald publisher First Second tells us works for Belief Agency as its Chief Storyteller His book Invisible Ink A Practical Guide to Building Stories that Resonate is we are told reuired reading at Pixar Animation Studio focusing on it looks like I haven t read it universal themes to capture audiences Goodreads reviewers seem to based on the high rating appreciate his how to books but are not actually also based on the ratings big fans of his written stories I m reminded of Scott McCloud who writes brilliantly about the theory and practice of making comics but is not exactly a household name among actual comics fan as actual storyteller Do as I say not as I do though McDonald the bio says has been working in film successfully for thirty yearsI say ugh but give 2 stars because of the artwork which is very goo. All compete for his attentionChris sinks deep into the seedy and seductive world of “grave robbers” vagrantsnown for their ability to relive their former lives But can he find closure to a tragic episode in his past without losing himself in the process. An interesting premise with so so executionI find the idea of reliving compelling and wished the creators had fleshed out The Concept I Didn concept I however didn care about the protagonist who came across as selfish I asked myself Why oh why is he doing this The art is clear and allows for smooth storytelling Colors as often with longer graphic novels are minimalist but Help The Dreamy And Moody Atmosphere Of The BookIt Was the dreamy and moody atmosphere of the bookIt was fast fast read thanks to efficient visual storytelling but lacked emotional power Especially the resolution was cheesy and conveniently simple Why do authors have to explicitly explain the theme which should be obvious throughout the reading If you can get this graphic novel at a library as I did it s still worth a read because it s different than the mainstream The premise is initially fascinating but the book loses momentum and fails to build This is a text that does not become complex but starts out well and then fails to achieve liftoff So why three stars Because it is well done with a neat resolution just one that feels trite to me However there is a balance to be found between the simplicity of the climax and the big themes explored The problem with this book for me is that if you read it as a reincarnation skeptic it looks a lot like a bunch of white male characters appropriating the suffering of slavery and the rape of Nanking for their middle class mid life crises If you buy into the reincarnation conceit then you hav. From Brian McDonald and Les McClaine comes Old Souls a supernatural graphic novel about addiction obsession and the things we do for familyChris Olsen has a good life He has a regular job a wife and daughter who love him and a promising future By any measure. Old Souls

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E the optics of white guys getting a free pass for all the cultural appropriation they wantAnd we re asked to sympathize with the slave owner who nobly decides to free his slaves once he is dead and cannot profit from them anyAWKWARD The premise of Old slaves once he is dead and cannot profit from them anyAWKWARD The premise of Old seems pretty promising a happily married man with a id and a good job discovers that he had been reincarnated several times So a reincarnation theme is a pretty easy allegorical source for helping readers think about the past And the look of this book illustrated very nicely by Les McClaine is attractive And I like that title that s a concept with which *I AM FAMILIAR AS SOMETIMES YOU SEE A WISE * am familiar as sometimes you see a wise her years id identified as an old soul Sometimes people say it to indicate they were probably priests or shamans or Mother Earth in past lives The trouble with this story is the story A guy we don t really ever care about is perfectly happy until he encounters an old homeless man claiming he is the guy s grandmother who had once abandoned him The guy helps him meet a bunch of grave robbers guys that are connected to their past lives For Chris his past lives include being a slave owner and other terrible things The scenario begins to resemble an addiction scenario as he spends all of their life savings to pay some guru to try and help him find his own past life abandoned son to make restitution and resolve his guilt But in the process all these homeless guys have destroyed their lives dwelling. This is a good life but it isn’t his firstWhen a troubling encounter with a homeless man triggers something inside Chris memories of his past lives bubble to the surface A lost Chinese boy a wailing grandmother and a love so powerful it never left his soul. ,
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