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Thinking Like a GeographerI received a The Cleverest Person In The World print copy of this book from itsublisher "through a giveaway they had on LibraryThing and the following is "a giveaway they had on LibraryThing and the following is honest opinionSchools are great as they teach their students a vast array of knowledge and one subject matter which is taught is that of Geography and what better way could there be other than teaching through the eyes and mind of a Geographer which is what Thinking Like a Geographer by Rebecca M Burley is attempting to doSchools themselves have created curriculums which maps out what needs to be taught along with the teaching manner But what about after school and Emotions And Understanding private tutors or even importantlyarents who desire to homeschool their children they re all left in the dark in regards teaching the subject matter at hand And Ms Burley s book happens to Thinking Like a Geographer focuses on high interest career related topics in the elementary curriculum related to geography Students will explore interdisciplin. ,
Ill this void uite adeuatelyAs an adult I love the clear cut manner which the book is resented for just like my favorite subject in high school history where "American History II got broken down into time eriods like The Depression where it got further "History II got broken down into time Singapore Math Practice Level 5a Grade 6 periods like The Depression where it got further down into its varied components Relief Recovery and Reform this book is broken down into 7 units themes Each theme is then broken down into an introductory lesson and then followed by additional lessonsexercises designed to have students explore the theme further while at the same time giving the individualresenting each lesson a breakdown for as to what the objective for each lesson and an outlined Singapore Math Practice Level 4b Grade 5 plan as how toresent each lesson culminating in a review lessonexercise for students to test the knowledge obtained dur. Ary content foster creativity and develop higher order thinking skills with activities aligned to relevant content area standards Students will develop and rac. ,

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Ing the entire lesson themeAs my inner child I loved the engaging exercises I needed to do and found them to be rather engaging and thought rovoking forcing me to take a *TEST OF THE KNOWLEDGE I VE JUST OBTAINED FROM *of the knowledge I ve just obtained from lesson into a test ractical useAs I stated in "the title for this book I found this is the erfect book to teach children at the 2nd "title for this book I found this is the erfect book to teach children at the 2nd level I feel it can also be used for children in other grades as well about this subject for anyone other than teachers in school and school teachers to supplement their own teaching materials which is why I ve given this book and its author Rebecca M Burley 5 STARSNOTE There are other books in this series which deals with teaching children to think like a Mathematician 3rd Grade Engineer 4th Grade and Scientist 5th Grade. Tice geography skills such as reading and creating maps graphs and charts; examining rimary and secondary sources; and thinking spatially on a variety of scale. ,