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Bird Messages

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Book. Winner of Best TarotOracle Cards in the Soul Spirit magazine Spiritual Book Awards Birds #CAPTIVATE US SOARING THROUGH THE SKY AND SINGING THEIR #us soaring through the sky and singing their songs and here this *Beautifully Illustrated Book And Card Set Reveals *illustrated book and card set eveals hidden *WISDOM AND MESSAGES OF SPIRITUAL GUIDANCEWE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN *and messages of spiritual guidanceWe have always been by birds watching them and trying to attract. And. Them into our #gardens Each of the 52 exuisitely illustrated
in this uniue boxed set a #
Each of the 52 exuisitely illustrated cards in this uniue boxed set includes a from these amazing creatures that speaks to our heart and shows us the way *Forward With Her Cheerful Song *With her cheerful song Blue Tit encourages you to find your voice while Peregrine Falcon teaches you to seize the moment Hanging Parrot counsels you to