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Absolutely glorious narration by Tom Baker A national treasure Delicious stuff By turns funny scary thoughtful and flat out bonkers this is much than a novelisation of an unmade movie It s rather a splendid novel and a wonderful bit of Doctor Who I enjoyed it enormously We waited forty years for thisThis story began as a film treatment by Baker and then co star Ian Marter in the 1970s but nothing ever came of it and it was forgotten by all but the most oyal Whovians I suppose the popularity of original Doctor Who novels was the incentive for its resurrection or regenerationI don t know what the original story was 5 Reasons To Believe In Recent Creation like but this iteration is a messThe Doctor Harry and Sarah Jane arrive at a coastal Scottish village to find most of the inhabitants have been turned into scarecrows Some kind ofscarecrow virus Nanomachines Something Don t think about it Especially don t think about the stupid stupid supermoths After holing up with the few remaining survivors Harry and Sarah Jane are spirited away to the realm of Scratchman which seems aot Breeding The Babysitter like Hell Why do these things so closely resemble human mythology Don t think about itOnce the Doctor enters the dimension of Scratchman to rescue his friends any remainingogic there wasn t that much to begin with flies out the door Literally anything can happen because the place is governed by people s thoughts Doctor Who was never a hard science show exactly but this is complete fantasy so why bother When anything can happen at the whim of the authors there is no suspense or investment on the part of the reader It s The Two Kilogram Survival Kit Field Manual like reading aong dream seuence which I hateCybermen appear for no reason other than to offer a deus ex machina rescue The Lean To And It S Variants Used In Survival And Bush Bough Beds late in the storyThe story is told in the first person by the Doctor which is a bad choice because it crushes any of the mystiue that is an essential part of his character It also reuires a contrived explanation about how he knows what happened when he wasn t around Something TARDIS telepathic time travel something at the veryeast it means he s poking around in his companions thoughts which is creepy The framing story in which the Doctor is put on trial and has to justify his actions to the other Time Lords is unnecessary and unconvincingHonestly the whole thing comes off as a thinly veiled religious screed which is extremely odd as Baker is an atheist I don t know who James Goss is maybe it s his fault The book is also written at a Passione Proibita level for young childrenike the old Target novelizations I was hoping for something mature along the The Gospel Of Thomas lines of the BBC original novels that came out in the 90sThe only good thing about this is that the characters from the show are faithfully depicted so there are a few brief moments now and again that are nice And there s a reference to Worzel Gummidge that made me chuckleFor a much better adventure involving sinister scarecrows read Doctor Who The Hollow MenFor a much better recreation of the Fourth Doctor era read Doctor Who Festival of Death The Doctor Harry Sullivan and Sarah Jane Smith arrive at a remote Scottish island where they intend to enjoy a picnicunch a nap and skip stones All of that changes when they discover hideous scarecrows are taking over the small village They will soon be in a fight for their ives as a sinister alien force is at work As the story progresses we earn The Doctor is on trial on Gallifrey The Time Lords have uestions that must be answered He is retelling the events of the story must be answered He is retelling the events of the story the councilSince Tom Baker narrated this story allowing me to close my eyes and imagined this trio the creepy scarecrows and the Scratchman I could see the council the burned out planet and creepy crawlies we encountered It was geektastic The audio has sound effects present at the beginning of chapters I enjoyed this ittle added feature but was also grateful it wasn t throughoutWhile not perfect it gave me a sense of nostalgia and felt authentic to their time on the show I ve since moved on to other Doctors and will confess that nine and ten will forever be my favorite but I enjoyed the new story and trip down memory aneThe story over forty years in the making has but I enjoyed the new story and trip down memory Kor Lky V Pup Ku laneThe story over forty years in the making has seventies vibe and was originally slated for film It is my understanding both Ian Martin Harry Sullivan and James Goss were involved in the writing Elisabeth Sladen Sarah Jane penned a message that is shared in the epilogue Sadly she and Martin are noonger with us This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer The Doctor tom Baker edition of course with Sarah Jane and Ian Squat Like A Powerlifter land on earth specifically a sparsely populated island where theocal population is under threat of Scarecrows who want to take over their Human BodiesThe Doctor Stands Trail Once Again In The Face bodiesThe Doctor stands trail once again in the face his Time Lords and How To Get More Done In Less Time ladies of course and has to explain how scarecrows and Cybermen get him destroying a different dimension and the Timeords did not even notice it If they do not ike the answer the Doctor will be killedThis time the Doctor does take on a creature of unimaginable power and the Doctor has some imagination now that I think of it He will hav So here s an unusual arrival for Doctor Who fansScratchman is a novel that forty years ago was the outline for a proposed movie when the television series Doctor Who was arguably at its most popular Written by the Doctor of the time Tom Baker with Ian Marter who played assistant Harry Sullivan at the same time it sadly never came to beNow Tom Baker recently 85 years old unbelievably with the assistance of Doctor Who novelist James Goss whose Timelord poetry What are you afraid ofIn his first ever Doctor Who novel Tom Baker’s incredible imagination is given free rein A story so epic it was originally intended for the big screen Scratchman is a gripping white knuckle thriller almost forty years in the makingThe Doctor Harry and Sarah Jane Smith arrive at. ,

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R were all about scary and yet also good funUpdate I have been told that an audio book version read by Tom Baker will be available I was ooking forward to this as I wanted to see what Tom Baker would come up with I knew he d tried to get a movie off the ground in 76 and apparently this book is based on that storyline Oddly the storyline feels ike a Barry LettsJon Pertwee story than a Tom Baker one Unfortunately if I put my writer s hat on the book is a structural mess It shouldn t have been written in 1st person when the story wanders off into 3rd person There s an explanation for this the Doctor is omnipotent but it doesn t hold water The book is in 2 halves The 1st half is ok The 2nd half in the Scratchman world is just a ong slow and confusing slog The narrative overall is tough as it s a George Washington little too self aware and aittle too bi polar Sadly it was a big disappointment I m sorry to say that I found Scratchman to be a pretty disappointing read Back in the mid 1970s I always enjoyed the TV adventures of the Doctor Tom Baker his companions Sarah Jane Smith Harry Sullivan Sadly the same Serenade Of Sirens line up failed to entertain me in this new novelThe first part of the book is good enough with menacing scarecrows plenty of danger In fact this would have made a good TV adventure It s the rest of the novel that I had issues with Scratchman himself was for me a bland uninteresting creation The other problem was that much of the story feltike the main character was Tom Baker rather than the DoctorThis story began in the 1970s as a script by Tom Baker Ian Marter The No Limits late Ian Marter also wrote Doctor Who novelisations played Harry Sullivan in the series It was never filmed eventually became this 2018 novel by Tom Baker James Goss At the end of the novel there are There number of things that make me mad about this book first why is Tom Baker as author only on the cover then inside with smalletters James Goss but Worse is real insult Copyright Tom Baker Ian Martin Ian Martin Who played Harry Sullivan has no proper credit to book that He wrote back in 1970s with Tom because he is dead Both Ian James Goss should also been on the cover the BBC is too blame as much as Tom but Sorry I think its typical of Baker to hog dead man s Rapid Skill Development 101 The One Sheet Easy Way To New Topic Acquisi limelight Having meet Tom numbers of time it is so Look at me I am most important Doctor every bodyoves me sorry your not Tom would not even exist if William Hartnell had turned that key in November 1963 But Putting all that to one side move on to the story this difficult to work out when it is set because it is a flashback once again this time it s 4th Doctor on Trial on Gallifey so It could be an time up to before Warriors Gate but The main story or flashback is perhaps before Terror of Zygons or before Ark in Space but I say Zygons as it is in Scotland tooWozel style Jeepers Creepers meets The Doctor This back when 4TH DOCTOR WAS CRISP NOT Doctor was crisp not when flagged in his bad of Adric burgundy scarf Harry was one best since Jamie great shame The Nerd S Guide To Being Confident left earlyThis so good because if you 4th Doctor fanet not kid are self hell Journey To The Center Of Minecraft A Minecraft Novel lot of them you both see here him in this book but For real crazy when comes out as audio book asong as Tom does itit
Huge SellerI Don T 
sellerI don t this could worked on TV as would been to expensive fare to blood creepy in 1970s even today it would be difficult set in 1964 also caused problems too By time it been cut all Gallifey removed it would stinkThis very complexed book I wonder how much of this Tom Ian s Original Tales Of South Africa left as it has references to modern Who with Sarah In the Tardis the taxi with The Doctor that would not been in 70s script as not happened How much is Goss to Baker ratio that is why I think his name should been on the cover too Tom is now over 80 so I wonder if this mostly GossThe DWM said Thisike the Original Wicker Man cannot see how it is Carmen Polo Se Ora De El Pardo Biograf As Y Memorias like Jeepers Creepers 1 3 Nightmare on Elm street Halloween with few surprise guestsIn this Feb 19 issue of SFX it come out I was right Tom did only few ideas Goss did most of theeg workBack in the 1970s a movie was thought about from the Script with Vincent Price as Scratchman with Twiggy as Sarah Jane thank heavens that never saw The Completeness Of Calvary light of day Bonnie Langford was bad enough but TWIGGY as Sarah Jane oh Shit TOP DOCTOR WHO OF 2019 Gallifrey doesn t really do eccentrics It s why some of useave This was such an odd curious read mainly because it was narrated from The Doctor himself knowing the origins of this story probably does help to enjoy it Scratchman was originally conceived as an idea between Tom Baker and Ian Marter who played companion Harry to make a movie of Doctor Who during breaks in filming the show during the 70 suite a few programmes had big screen outings around this time though admittedly they were mainly sitcomsWith this being their opportunity to take the show to a wider audience I got the impression that they tried to cram so many elements into the plotFor the most part it actually worked really wellPenned by Baker though with some help from James Goss the characterisation of the Fourth Doctor is as you d expect perfectly capturedIt took a Insieme Verso La Libert little getting used the first person narrative but I felt that it fitted this bonkers story perfectlyI can imagine the audiobook being greatOne aspect that I reallyiked was how The Doctor The Master Key System Mental Chemistry likes being that persona that he currently inhabits andet s face it we all Horse Trick Training Part 1 How To Get Started liked the Time Lord when he was Tom A really fun read I d haveoved to have seen the film get made nowThough I think it might be for the best that we ve got this book instea. Rap and Scratchman is coming for them With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance the Doctor must battle an ancient force from another dimension one who claims to be the Devil Scratchman wants to know what the Doctor is most afraid of And the Doctor’s worst nightmares are coming out to play. Reviewed a while back we can read what once could have beenAs you might expect the story is set in the era of the Fourth Doctor with Tom Baker naturally as the Doctor wearing his iconic scarf on the cover and companions Harry and Sarah Jane They arrive in a uaint isolated Scottish village in contemporary times well contemporary for what I assumed was the 1970s to find the ocal populace terrified by iving scarecrows that appear and kill the population Obviously the Doctor gets involved to try and uncover the who s why s and wherefores of their appearanceThe Doctor discovers that the scarecrows are part of a bigger scheme created by an enemy known as Scratchman whose purpose in ife as any villain s should be is to take over planets and bend them to their will Having used the Scottish village as a testing ground Scratchman is determined to take over the Earth and then the Universe obviouslyThis results in the second part of the book being nightmarish The Doctor and his friends are put through a series of challenges from Scratchman based upon what they fear with Scratchman s hope that by doing so he will discover the Time Lord s greatest fear and so gain an advantage This book is being publicised as by Tom Baker see the cover And as a result the story takes the somewhat unusual task of telling a Doctor Who story as if told by Tom Baker as the Fourth DoctorThe framing story is that rather M like The Trials of a Time Lord the Doctor is once again held for trial by his peers the Time Lords of Gallifrey There the Doctor is told to explain himself and tell what he knows of this attempt to discover what the Time Lord s greatest fear is The Doctor then begins his tale as if he is narrating what happened to him and his companionsSome mayike this approach which is uite different from the usual third person narrative of the traditional stories such as those in the fondly remembered Target paperbacks or the recent writings For me it was ess successful although undeniably whilst reading the story it felt ike Tom Baker was saying it An audio book would work wonderfully well perhaps The writing echoes the tone and feel of those Seventies stories jaunty and fast paced with one O Pa S Das Quimeras liners than is usual and the text does read as aogical extension of the Fourth Doctor s characterisation if not Tom Baker himself which was also the case by the end of his television tenure as well I think I found this uite enjoyable but by the end a Tung Tappa 2 Osa little wearying and rather overdone Less is sometimes and for as good as it is would have worked better if it did not seem to be everyine But some readers will like itIiked the fact that many of the key elements of the Fourth Doctor s time are present There s stiff upper Curves For Her Wolf Doctor lip doctor Harry Sullivanoyal and true and enthusiastically energetic Sarah Jane determined to find out the truth who supports the enigmatic Doctor in this mystery Also throughout there s the iconography of Britishness that the Doctor was amused by and appreciated there s mention of cakes sandwiches picnics cricket and tea for example which means that we are clearly reading recognisable signs of the Doctor in his fourth incarnation for good or illUnfortunately this attempt to show things in a different way also created difficulties for me The disparate styles between the Doctor s own thoughts and the rest of the story The Moon On Wolf Mountain Werewolf Bbw Erotic Romance lead to the novel struggling to mesh the parts of the story together evenly Whilst writing the story as if told by the Doctor is a different take to the Doctor Who canon such a perspective alsoimits things in that events have to be Runaway linked by having Sarah Janeater told me rather than the story told naturalistically from an objective third person perspectiveOne of the things I am reminded of whilst reading this is that although Doctor Who is widely recognised for its science fictional content it could do horror really well The creepy bits part Wicker Man part Dante s Inferno do sometimes work here especially at the beginning Scarecrows have appeared in Doctor Who since see David Tennant s episodes Human NatureFamily of Blood but this one beginning Scarecrows have appeared in Doctor Who since see David Tennant s episodes Human NatureFamily of Blood but this one prefer As with the best books the pictures created in your head by this novel are better than anything you could see on the television or a movie screenThe China Jewel later part based around the stuff of dreams is all rather reminiscent of The Celestial Toymaker episodes for me They areess convincingWhich eads me to the uestion could it have made a good movie It is sometimes difficult to tell what parts remain from the original script and which parts have been added in this write up but I think that the wider concepts might have been a tad difficult to portray on a movie screen with 1970 s effects I also rather suspect it might have been too rather suspect it might have been too for children and perhaps too similar at east at first to other stories such as The Wicker Man for adults But as a post modern novel where the imagination is unbounded the cost of the effects are minimal and you can read it in the safety of your own home it works fineScratchman is in summary an oddity an interesting attempt to bring something unusual to the egend of the Fourth Doctor from a slightly different direction It didn t always work for me but there will be many who will find this a worthwhile readFor many of us who are older followers of the series reading this will generate the thrill of reading an old Tom Baker story that you have never seen before ike the old Target paperbacks but not based on a television episode For relative newcomers it will show them what older incarnations of the Docto. A remote Scottish island when their holiday is cut short by the appearance of strange creatures – hideous scarecrows who are preying on the Hamster local population The islanders areiving in fear and the Doctor vows to save them all But it doesn’t go to plan – the time travellers have fallen into a ,