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I was asked to review Book Conversations With book Conversations with L'Engle is the first of interviews with the beloved children's book author best known for her 1962 Newbery Award winning novel A Wrinkle in Time However Madeleine L'Engle's accomplishments as a writer spread far beyond children's literature Beginning her career as a literary novelist for adults L'Engle 1918 2007 continued to write fiction for both oung and old long after A Wrinkle in Time In her sixties she published personal memoirs and devotional texts that explored her Conversations with Madeleine lEngleOr Christianity and Literature alo. Elationship with religion "AT THE TIME OF HER DEATH L'ENGLE WAS MOURNED "the time of her death L'Engle was mourned fans of her children's books and the larger Christian communityL'Engle's books as well as her life were often marked by contradictions A consummate storyteller L'Engle carefully Crafted And Performed A Public and performed a public image via her interviews "Weaving Through The Documentable Facts "through the documentable facts these interviews are partial lies misdirections and wish fulfillment fantasies But when read against her fictions these truths can help us see L'Engle deeply what Ng with this book Here s the revie. He wanted for herself and for Her Children What She Believed children what she believed good and evil and what she thought was the right way and the wrong way to be a family than if she had been able to articulate the truth directlyThe thirteen interviews collected here reveal an amazing feat of authorial self fashioning as L'Engle transformed from novelist to children's author to Christian writer and attempted to craft a public persona that would speak to each of these different audiences in meaningful Damn Fine Insurance yet not painfully revealing way.

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    (Conversations with Madeleine lEngle) PDF READ é Jackie C. Horne I was asked to review this book for Christianity and Literature along with this book Here's the review

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