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Le west of south about a mile then on an irregular nearly East A Straight Line a straight line one fourth mile thence east bearing south thence in a general south bearing west to about a mile south of the Cleveland and Columbus Railroad thence southwest one mile southeast one fourth mile southwest one fourth mile southeast one half mile southwest three fourths of a mile southeast one half mile thence with Cresar's Creek about three miles to L Peterson's farm thence north three fourths of a mile thence west a little north three miles thence northwest one mile thence north about FOUR MILES TO THE RIVER THENCE WITH THE RIVER miles to the river thence with the river This historic book may have numerous typos and missing Text Purchasers Can Usually Download Purchasers can usually download free scanned copy of the original book without typos from of the original book without typos from publisher Not indexed Not illustrated 1881 edition Excerpt XENIA TOWNSHIP BOUNDARY AND HISTORY Inasmuch as Xenia City was the county seat and the nucleus around which most of the subseuent settlements clustered and by natural seuence the reservoir from which the greater portion of the earlier county history has been drawn it was therefore unavoidably blended with and absorbed in the same leaving facts for an individual history almost as anremic as King Psamis's mummy in Cresar. .

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Xenia Should Not Therefore 
should not therefore jealous or feel slighted if she loses the luster of individual history in the exalted flame of the initial point of county historyWe may say with Milton That other shape if shape it might be called that shape had none distinguishable in corner line or angle Beginning at the northwest corner it runs east one half mile thence north one half mile thence east about one and onehalf mile thence south one mile thence east to The River Thence In river thence in southeast line one half mile turning abruptly southwest; again southeast about Three Miles Then Following A Line A Litt. miles then following a line a litt. Index of Greene County