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Fiber AUTHOR Susan CrawfordThere are many things that influence our lives Access to technology is one of them One of the things that set Bill Gates apart from his The Cleverest Person In The World peers is that he has access to a computer as a child before most adults did One of the things I really liked about this book was the comparison to the fight to make electricity accessible nationwide There is a battle going on right now and I m happy this book exists to shed light on that battle This was my go to resource for information on everything related to broadband Crawford has traveled and researched those countries who are alreadyroviding reliable affordable broadband to their citizens and notes that the US is behind in this realm She discusses the challenges that the US faces with large corporations monopolizing the broadband industry as well as the solutions that municipalities have taken in order to Emotions And Understanding provide reliable affordable broadband for their residents I recommend this book for anyone who is trying to help their community solve their broadband issues Susan Crawford hasublished the right book at the right time Fiber The Coming Tech Revolution And Why America Might Miss It makes a compelling case for local organizing around better Internet networks upon which the future will be written The book revolves around several communities that will be familiar to anyone following community networks cities like Chattanooga and Wilson many of whom are members of Next Century Cities Even eople with only a casual interest in how to are members of Next Century Cities Even eople with only a casual interest in how to the best Internet access will recognize some of the community names in Susan s latest book As someone who has tracked these networks closer than most several of the anecdotes were new to me and sufficiently Singapore Math Practice Level 6a Grade 7 powerful that I literally had to restrain myself from cheering while finishing the book on a flight So it works well both for someone unfamiliar with the technology or movement as well as for those of us who have worked from within it for many yea. The world of 5G the next generation of telecommunication technology will be as different from what came before as the world after the advent of electricity The massive amounts of data we’ll be able to stream through fiber optic connections will enable a degree of virtualresence that will radically transform health care education urban.

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Rs I ublished a longer review here It s hard to imagine a world where electricity isn t everywhere Would the modern world make sense if I had to go the library everyday to charge my hone How about a world where there were fewer highways there would be laces you just couldn t would be Sugar Secrets Luck places you just couldn t to because someone just decided there was norofit in building a road to AlaskaYou d also have to ay to travel on roads by the mile Alternatively you could ay a higher base De Maagd En De Neger 2 Leentje En Sofie price for a monthly ration of miles but uake with fear from exceeding your monthly allowance because you ll be charged an even higherrice for each mile exceeded They might call that network optimization and they would be saying that they d be doing you a favor sparing you from the ain of traffic And that s the future of information access in America but we can still dream of a future America where information access is like electricity and highways and less like DSL and mobile internet service They d just be there and you wouldn t have to worry about it you could just get on with your day and make your living off it without being taxed worry about it you could just get on with your day and make your living off it without being taxed over it First by the government then again by Big Telecom What a dreamCrawford would like us to believe that the only necessary thing we need to make that future a reality is leadership Sure there s a short list of cities and towns who have leaders with foresight that have opted to invest in last mile fiber but Crawford only mentions in assing the crises that triggered the leadership that demanded electrification and the interstate system Perhaps her long discussion of fiber s impact on healthcare might make up for that but it s hardly as dire an existential threat like the Great Depression or the Cold War An alternative might be a discussion of how ubiuitous digital access might affect our ability to manage climate change Today we have thousands of weather sensors and they give us a The Good And Faithful Servant powerful ability toredict the weather Imagine Administration and services agriculture retail sales and offices Yet all of those transformations will ale in comparison to the innovations that we can’t even imagine today   In a fascinating account combining legal expertise with compelling on the ground reporting Susan Crawford reveals how the giant corporations that control cable. .
Hat could be done with millions of sensors and all of that data running around on a fiber network owering our response to catastrophic weather events Now that s a crisis on Kristen S Fairy House par with the Soviet challengeWe need a compelling reason to change Just consider how without the Cold War hanging over us we ve failed to maintain the interstate highway system the way it deserves to be maintained It s like we just woke up one morning and decided collectively that investing in the future was futile And the latest greatest infrastructure debate we re currently having is over a wall that will cost us too much money to build and cost too much to maintainI don t have much hope for a fiber future for America I don t have much hope for 5G Chattanooga may be the best most efficientlace in America to show the rest of the country what 5G will be good for but I don t imagine Verizon or ATT lining up to install it there except to revent any independent effort to create a 5G network But at least Fiber lets us still dream of a future with fiber and 5G while the rest of the world leaves us behind or you can just move to Chattanooga I was anxious to read us behind or you can just move to Chattanooga I was anxious to read book about fiber Optic Communications Because I communications because I as an engineering intern almost 40 years ago on the beginnings of this technology My actual engineering career was in a different field and I have always wondered why we don t hear about FO use in this countryThis book was just technical enough to answer many uestions I had about what is essentially a rocess of sending a light freuency through a glass tube and how all the connection and Luce S Big Mistake power lossroblems have been handled It has become the ideal for high speed computer connections but because of been handled It has become the ideal for high speed computer connections but because of certain huge US cable company it has not been installed in most homes and at a huge cost where available This has caused the US to fall behind other countries in Europe and Asia and to have awful internet access in most American states and citie. And internet access in the United States use their tremendous lobbying Fen S Revenge power to tilt thelaying field against competition holding back the infrastructure improvements necessary for the country to move forward And she shows how a few cities and towns are fighting monopoly ower to bring the next technological revolution to their communiti. ,