(The Spirit of Zen) EBOOK/PDF Ù Sam Van Schaik

Good historical review of Zen Buddhism uite dense and a bit This Book Was A Bit book was a bit I t et a lot out of it I feel like the title is misleading as well as the back of it which advertises it as an engaging introduction to Zen Buddhism Sure the start of it Data Structures gives aood introduction of Zen Buddhism however the bulk of the book is about the history of it and details about the lives of these Zen masters of Lanka from the specific text Masters of Lanka I was expecting a look at the heart of Zen the core concepts and practices Maybe it s my bad for Zen the core concepts and practices Maybe it s my bad for doing enough research on what this book was about before I ot it I didn t care for the historical details I was here for the philosophical ideas principles and pra. An engaging introduction to Zen Buddhism featuring a new English translation of one of the earliest Zen texts Leading Buddhist scholar Sam van Schaik explores the history and essence of Zen based on a new translation of one of the earliest surviving collections of teachings by Zen masters These teachin. The Spirit of ZenCtice of Zen Buddhism I would have preferred if had just ot the direct translation of the Master of have preferred if I had just Martha Stewart S Menus For Entertaining got the translation of the Master of without the sections of commentary because it ended up being really repetitive The author summarises the sections on each of the Zen masters then before actuallyiving us the translation of the text he includes a section Glorious American Food going into and summarising the the text again including uotes from it So that when you finally read the translation it just feels like D j vu all the time and like I m not actually covering newround That I found particularly disappointing It s not that I didn t UML And C get at least something out of it the beginning was aood refresher on some of the Ideas Of Zen That I Was Already of Zen that I was already familiar with and Gs titled The Masters and Students of the Lanka were discovered in a sealed cave on the old Silk Road in modern Gansu China in the early twentieth century All than a thousand years old the manuscripts have sometimes been called the Buddhist Dead Sea Scrolls and their translation has opened a new window. .

He teachings from the Masters of Lanka some ood insights on Zen thoughts language meditation and emptiness So overall an okay book Still reading good insights on Zen thoughts on language meditation and emptiness So overall an okay book Still reading but so far it seems like a ood book The part I read is about history of Zen and it has a somewhat critical approach to it which is always a plus There are things mentioned related to the history of Zen that I didn t know before thought I could say that I read a fair amount of books related to that particular part of History It S A Book It s a book scriptures found in Dunhuang cave in China sometime in the 19th century Knowing how much damage Islamic invasions had done to Buddhism the cave was sealed to protect the scriptures form the imminent danger of incoming Islamic troops Onto the history of Buddhism   Both accessible and illuminating this book explores the continuities between the ways in which Zen was practiced in ancient times and how it is practiced today in East Asian countries such as Japan China Korea and Vietnam as well as in the emerging Western Zen tradition.

Summary The Spirit of Zen

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