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New essays n the philosophy f Ned Block with substantive and wide ranging responses by BlockPerhaps THAN ANY OTHER PHILOSOPHER OF MIND any ther philosopher f mind Block synthesizes philosophical and scientific approaches to the mind; he is uniue in moving back and forth across this divide doing so with creativity and intensity Over the course f his career Block has made groundbreaking contributions to Oeuvres De Froissart Vol 21 our understandingf intelligence representation AND CONSCIOUSNESS BLOCKHEADS THE TITLE REFERS consciousness Blockheads the title refers Block's imaginary counterexample to the Turing test and to the Block enthusiast contributors ffers eightee. .
Blockheads!Nk between phenomenal consciousness and representation especially spatial representation; and the reducibility f phenomenal representation Many f the contributors to Blockheads are prominent philosophers themselves including Tyler Burge David Chalmers Frank Jackson and Hilary PutnamContributorsNed

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Bill Brewer Brown Tyler Burge Marisa Carrasco David Chalmers Frank Jackson Frank Jackson and Hilary PutnamContributorsNed Block Bill Brewer Richard Brown Tyler Burge Marisa Carrasco David Chalmers Frank Jackson Lau Geoffrey Lee Janet Levin Joseph Levine William G Lycan Brian P McLaughlin Adam Pautz Hilary Putnam Sydney Shoemaker Susanna Siegel Nicholas Silins Daniel Stoljar Michael Tye Sebastian Watz.

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N new essays Bulletin De La Soci T Arch Ologique Historique Et Scientifique De Sois on Block's work along with substantive and wide ranging replies by Block The essays and responses notnly address Block's past contributions but are rich with new ideas and argument They importantly clarify many key elements M Moires De La Soci T Des Antiquaires Du Centre 1905 Vol 29 of Block's work including his pessimism concerning such thought experiments as Data and the Nationf China; his general pessimism about intuitions introspection in the philosophy f mind; the empirical case for an antifunctionalist biological theory f phenomenal consciousness; the fading ualia problem for a biological theory; the li.