KINDLE (Picturing Science and Engineering) AUTHOR Felice Frankel

Ics how to tell a story and considers issues of image adjustment and enhancement She describes developing the right visual to express a concept not only visual to express a concept not only make science accessible to nonspecialists but also informs the science itself helping scientists clarify their thinking The book includes references to Frankel's online tutorials at the book's website visual punctuations references to Frankel's online tutorials at the book's website visual punctuations this printed edition along with how to videos and other additional materialsPublished with the generous support of Further a program of the J M Kaplan Fund. Picturing Science and EngineeringA guide to making scientific photographs for presentations journal submissions and covers featuring by step instructions and case studies by an award winning science photographer; illustrated in color throughout One of most powerful ways for scientists to document and communicate their work is through photography Unfortunately most scientists have little or no training in that craft In book celebrated science photographer Felice Frankel offers a guide for creating science images that are both accurate and stunning Pictur. Ing Science and Engineering provides detailed instructions for making science photographs using the DSLR camera the flatbed scanner and the phone camera The book includes a series of step by step case studies describing how images were designed for cover submissions and other inds of visualizations Lavishly in color throughout the book encourages the reader to learn by doing FOLLOWING FRANKEL AS SHE RECREATES THE STAGES OF DISCOVERY Frankel as she recreates the stages of discovery lead to a good science visual Frankel shows readers how to present their work with graph.

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