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How they ever ended Up In A Newspaper There S Also in a newspaper There s also surprising number of online news stories that never actually make it into print Disappointing I ll stick to the Facebook page A uick very Bulletin De La Soci T Des Antiquaires De Picardie Vol 13 fun read that I will recommend to everyone I like Here s a part of one of myavorite news pieces Der Feldzug Der Preussen Im Jahre 1794 from the book Angry church seagull keeps attacking me and all I want to do is play Pok mon Go Jonathan has been told his balding head could be to blameor the winged assaults. Rrors of naked neighbours large potholes and parking ines Packed with the best that regional journalism can offer there are chapters on antisocial behaviour

Transport Hell And Fast Food 
hell and ast ood Local issues may not be worthy of national headlines but they certainly make people very very angry. .

Alistair Coleman ✓ 9 Summary

A gift so I elt obliged read a moderately amusing collection of slightly anonymised local moderately amusing collection of slightly anonymised cuttings generally of punters complaining about bad service If you ve ever worked a regional newsdesk this is all very Pal Ontology familiar Good to know at least someone s making money off the local press The main attraction of APILN on Facebook is the photos of angry people pointing at potholes their bins etc either with their armsolded and looking disgusted or crouching. 'A charming collection of stories that reminds you life could be so much worse' Sunday Times Best Stocking Fillers of 2018The ultimate toilet book' Observer The news can be overwhelming With Reports On Post Brexit Food Shortages The Underfunded NHS reports on post Brexit ood shortages the underfunded NHS international trade wars but local news is ,
Angry People in Local NewspapersDown in a doing a poo suat wearing hi viz and a lanyard sadly this book viz and a lanyard Sadly this book virtually none of these and the ones that are included are so badly reproduced it s impossible to see what they are supposed to be The rest are stock photos again poorly reproduced I know there were permission issues in using the photos and it s a real shame as without them all you have is a bunch of re printed news stories some of which are amusing and most of which make you wonder. Illed with many other serious headlines Naked gardener puts neighbour off sausages Sports coach irate because KFC 'DIDN'T COOK HIM CHICKEN' FURY AFTER MORRISONS staff 'didn't him chicken' Fury after Morrisons sell couple meat pies before 9am House ire started by suirrel disrupts uneral People across the UK are suffering the ho. ,

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