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T spreads take a detailed look at the amazing machines that "Are Up To The "up to the challengeAccessible the key characteristics of the machines And Colorful Sidebar Boxes colorful sidebar boxes ach machine's vital statistics Value priced colorful and informative this is the perfect book for all young machine nthusiasts Pack it up with Construction Machines 9780228101116 to make a great gift. .

An interactive reader xperience that poses the uestion which machine will save the dayWhat child doesn't turn to see where a siren is coming from lights and screaming "sirens trigger xcitement and anticipation but a serious situation calls for right machine Emergency Machines looks at a "trigger xcitement and anticipation but a serious situation calls For The Right Machine the right machine Machines looks at a crisis then provides information on the right machine to help whether. ,

A fire ngine ambulance helicopter water bombing plane or all terrain vehicle The book includes sections on a mountain rescue water rescues helping at a road accident and putting out an airplane
FireEach Section Begins With 
section begins with mergency scene and asks what sort of machine would you "Choose To Come To The Rescue A "to come to the rescue A gives the reader different machine options and subseuen.

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Emergency Machines

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