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Wonderful adventure and brave as heck Dropped into a world where she

Knows Absolutely Nothing Cecilia 
absolutely nothing Cecilia for what is right for people who she just met NOT TO MENTION A WHOLE CIVILISATION to mention a whole civilisation the tunnels underneath London is a great idea Dan What I particularly liked about this book was the creativity in creating the bizarre but also familiar world in the tunnels below A good range of interesting characters and I particularly liked the way that the narcissistic and cruel Corvus Community were developed not very nice characters at all The Tunnels Below is about a girl who finds herself in another world after a mishap on her twelfth birthday The plot is in the vein of Alice in Wonderland with echoes of The City of Ember Wild Palmer is the most uniue writer I ve come across in a long time She created colourful and vivid imagery unlike anything ou ve encountered It was a real pity that the ending was so abrupt Sometimes Report Of Board Of Engineers Upon New York And New Jersey Bridge 1894 you forgetou re actually reading a book for children While in this case it was clear that it was a children s book as the writing was a bit simple at times I did highly enjoy it The small world created in this book was whimsical and creative and lovely And it s also just really cool That The Writer Has the writer has same first name as I have I thought there were some really nice characters and potential here but the story flow was stilted than I would have wanted given the clear influence of the underground train and tunnel and cave setting Basically I felt world building was needed Read this over a 5 6 days which for me means not a grab Catalogue Of The Works Of Sir Joshua Reynolds P R A Exhibited At Th you and shakeou book But there is some lovely non fussy artwork in the book which adds some basic character embellishment Sorry that it is not a 5 star Three and a half starsOur Thucydidis I young heroine shows great promise in that the adventure she features in one where she is left alone in an underground existence peopled by anthropomorphised animals that nobody could ever suspect existing really can engage for theoung reader But before long that target audience and anyone in fact will wonder why she has to have a male helper on almost every bloody pageThe wor. How do ou find our way out of the darkOn her twelfth birthday the last thing Cecilia expected was to find herself lost in a labyrinth of tunnels beneath London Afraid alone but determined she sets to work on her escape and soon reali.

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The Tunnels Below
 The National Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol 6  Shawnigan Lake School Magazine 1926  Essays Literary Political And Economical Vol 1 Of 2
Ld building is wonderful but the agency Afforded Our Heroine Is Far Too Weak our heroine is far too weak the author s inventiveness can only bode well for better in the futureFor proof please feel free to click through Copy provided by the publisher via EdelweissThe real rating is 25 stars This was a light hearted and whimsical story It felt like I was reading a accessible and less confusing Alice s Adventures in Wonderland for modern day kidsCecilia was a great lead a accessible and less confusing Alice s Adventures in Wonderland for modern day kidsCecilia was a great lead and I was surprised in a good Way That One Of Her Main Defining Traits Was Her that one of her main defining traits was her for science She also liked dressing up and looking pretty as well as wearing jumpers which is another plus The place she ended up at was very magical and imaginative Most of the Middle Grade stories that end up taking their heroes to another land are full of unwelcoming and mean characters Not this time Cecilia makes some very good friends and meets a lot of nice people who help her The dialogue particularly between kid characters felt out of place and inorganic at times and the big villain wasn t that intimidating There were a lot of new characters introduced in the last 50 pages of the story which threw me off a bit That said The Tunnels Below was a very nice and uick read and the title makes the story sound scarier than it actually is Cecile Hudson Gray a Londoner takes to the mysterious tunnels below London underground on her 12th birthday Here she meet some fascinating creatures in particular Kuffi and his Wasp 79 The tunnels below is a magical place where music is tasted and not heard like a combination of strawberry cupcake salt and vinegar crisps along with pineapple juice The home of creatures like Miss Lady Bird whose voice has the power to touch our soul and taste of tears Water is scares and light is limited but life carries on regardless Kuffi a foxed face man tall and handsome with spiky black whisker and amber eyes is a kind heart good Samaritan who takes Cecile under his wing in this strange world protecting her from the self righteous Jacues D or and the crows who appear to be the police of the und I received this proof at the beginning of December. Ses that perhaps there is a reason she and the mysterious marble her sister gave her have ended up so far from homeDeep in the darkness roam the terrible Corvus tyrants of the magical realm below Cecilia’s struggle to return to her .
As part of a super secret panel I
Can T Mention Much 
t mention much et This is the first of 20 books I m reading for this panel and I M Glad I Started With glad I started with one Let s start with the front cover the beautiful illustration caught my eye straight away I will have to find the artist because it s gorgeous We re promised a main character with gorgeous brown skin and huge curly hair but where does this crow come into things I wonder Cecilia is celebrating her 12th birthday at the start of the story her sister gifts her a large old funny looking marble which is insists the birthday girl must wear on this special day After a seemingly uneventful train ride with her family Cecilia takes off her necklace as it is uite the burden this is when everything starts going wrong Cecilia has an Alice in Wonderland esue experience finding herself below ground uite lost in tunnels She befriends a fox face finds her coat buttons are a form of currency and discovers a corrupt corvid constabulary There are themes of poverty police corruption there s an energy crisis the wealthy shiny upper class are keeping the poorer classes downtrodden trying to make them fill a lake with tears for some inexplicable reason I think this fast paced story will go to make them fill a lake with tears for some inexplicable reason I think this fast paced story will go well with middle graders it s got that social awareness that a lot of our kids want from stories these days but enough fantasy that it keeps them entertained for the entire book Cecilia is boarding an underground train in London ready to celebrate her twelfth birthday with her family She takes off the marble necklace that her sister has gifted her when she finds herself lost in a network of tunnels Within these tunnels are a series of animal faced beings part human with animal characteristics This reminded me of somewhere in between Alice In Wonderland and Neil Gaiman s Neverwhere However Cecilia seems to be very uickly taken in by these characters rather than as most of us would being concerned about how to get home The Tunnels Below have baddies evil forces intent on power and corruption that rules supreme The book lacked a little depth for me despite a hugely imaginative start. Amily becomes a mission of great danger and adventure as she tries to help her new friends to free themselves and their beautiful uniue world But will her heart be brave enough to ensure she doesn’t stay trapped in the darkness forev.