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Dinsmore Ely lLosing any of his men and made many scientific discoveries He went on other journeys none so well known as this oneHeater went on to become a statesman and is revered in Norway to this dayThe book is thoroughly researched and has The Oxford Undergraduate Of Twenty Years Ago lots of fascinating back matter including blurbs about all of the men aboard the boat a detailedist of the provisions they took with them how dogs were thought about and treated in those days on scientific voyages north pole expeditions and records timeline duties of the crew design of the ship etc Gripping story of a expedition that I knew nothing about It s a sign of its uality that I kept annoying my companions by telling them snippits from what I was reading view spoiler It s cool that no one died although since Nansen dashed off halfway through I m not sure he gets all the credit hide spoiler Locked in Ice Nansen s Daring uest for the North Pole by Peter Lourie 314 pages NON FICTION Christy Ottaviano Books Henry Holt 2019 20 Content Language G Mature Content G Violence PG BUYING ADVISORY MS HS ADVISABLE AUDIENCE APPEAL AVERAGE Fridtjof Nansen successfully crossed Greenland and then set his eyes on being the first to reach the North Pole Nansen gathered a crew of able bodied and experienced men and specifically designed his boat to have the best chance possible to purposely get stuck in the ice After Nansen and his men A Vindication Of Natural Society Or A View Of The Miseries And Evil Ari let their boat freeze in the ice they drifted with the current until Nansen got as close as he could to the North Pole Then Nansen and one of his crew membersoaded up dog sleds and headed out across the ice This is the story of their survival and exploration This book is perfect for "Those Who Love Reading "who Park S Floral Magazine Vol 54 love reading explorers such as Ernest Shakleton s Endurance My respect for Nansen only increased as the story went on especially the Afterward and Ioved the accompanying pictures The only violence is that the dogs don t all make it and they do hunt Polar Bears Reviewer C Petersonhttpskissthebookblogspotcom2019 E ARC from Edelweiss PlusEver hear of the Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen 1861 1930 I hadn t either Interested in outdoor sports The Fenian War Songs like skiing and hiking from a young age Nansen had the family background to be allowed to study marine biology Enthralled by the exploring going on in the 1880s he managed to assemble a team to cross Greenland on sleds becoming the first people to do so Thinking ever grandiose plans he managed to get financial backing to attempt to reach the North Pole utilizing a previously undiscovered ocean current to move his ship the Fram along Because of the volatile weather he seized on a plan to encase the ship in ice and float to his destination His ship was well built his supplyist complete and his food innovative meat chocolate anyone Surprisingly his plan didn t work and he and another crew member Johansen took off with sled dogs and three sledges to try to traverse the 200 plus miles to their goal This was in eual parts dangerous and boring and the dogs that they brought for travel weakened and died Standard practice at the time was to feed the dogs to their companions Short of their goal but running out of food they turned toward civilization and made it back alive It took time to get news of the Fram but the ship and crew also survived After his adventures Nansen went on to be a diplomat won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with displaced people after World War I and is considered a national heroStrengths This is a good ength and offsets the details of planning with adventure Amazingly Nansen had a camera with him that he even took "on his sled adventure so there are a "his sled adventure so there are a camera with him that he even took on his sled adventure so there are a of pictures many of the dogs They may have not treated them in the way we would today there are great notes in the back about a 1986 expedition but I definitely think there was a soft spot for them Like this author s Jack London and the Klondike Gold Rush this was page turning nonfictionWeaknesses There seem to be a disproportionate number of books about arctic exploration and my students never actually ask for it They can be persuaded to read about it howeverWhat I really think Definitely purchasing and I can see a number of readers enjoying this one Great nonfiction for middle school I didn t really ike what happened to the view spoilerdogs when they couldn t carry on for the journey any I was really upset about them killing the dogs However my 21st century ideals about dogs shouldn t be forced upon explorers from the 1800s who were using these as working animals not pets hide spoiler. Along the currents Richly illustrated with historic photographs this riveting account of Nansen's Arctic expedition celebrates the egacy of an extraordinary adventurer who pushed the boundaries of human exploration to further science into the twentieth centuryChristy Ottaviano Boo. ,

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Locked in Ice

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I find books about exploration fascinating Maybe it s because I m not an explorer myself that I have a hunger to know what Abhandlung Ber Die Dogmatische Definition Der Unbefleckten Empf Ngni D leads others into such a difficultife This story about Fridtjof Nansen was truly fascinating to me for several reasons First his background as a scientist made him different than many explorers Public Health Papers And Reports Vol 7 leading him and his men to make important discoveries on their journeys Second was the fact that he didn t spend his wholeife as an explorer he found other activities to involve himself in that ead him to impact the world in humanitarian ways and not just scientific ones And third his dedication to his family was inspiring especially in the face of the early oss of his wife That he accomplished as much as he did as a single father is amazing and was I m sure very difficult Lourie tells Nansen s story in a very interesting readable fashion I found myself enthralled While much of the book focuses on Nansen s expedition to the North Pole I appreciated the background information and follow up information that put his experiences in context A great read for those who enjoy A Discourse Proving The Divine Institution Of Water Baptism learning about theives of people who made a difference in the world Like many readers I ve often been fascinated by some of the early explorers especially those who journeyed to the planet s farthest regions Having read and enjoyed this author s earlier book on Jack London and his adventures on the Klondike during the Gold Rush I was eager to read this one which focused on someone unfamiliar to me Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen one of the pioneers of polar exploration Born to privilege in 1861 this scientist and adventurer was determined to reach the North Pole To do so he commissioned a ship that could withstand the intrusion of the ice that would ock it into place hoping that it would drift closer and closer to his goal without being crushed After it became clear that the ship was not going to move to that point Nansen and a member of his crew set out to ski and move by dog sled to the North Pole Relying on Nansen s journals archival photographs and records maps and interviews with modern explorers the author describes in detail the three year journey The harsh climate and constant need to replenish the men s food supplies are presented as constant challenges and the author is also careful to point out that dogs used for exploration now are treated uite differently than those on this expedition As with the other early explorations of the polar regions the dogs were faithful stalwart Companions But None Of but none of survived sacrificed to provide food for other dogs and the men killed by polar bears and eventually the ast two were killed because there was no safe way for them to travel in the men s kayaks once they reached open water The pristine beauty of this The Seventy S Course In Theology land and the fierce determination in took to survived are clear on every page in this book I know that I certainly could not have endured going soong without bathing and wearing clean clothes or being so cold for so Luthers Satzlehre long After reading this account I couldn t help but wonder why Nansen has received suchittle attention and recognition compared to The Eclogues Bucolics Or Pastorals Of Virgil later explorers such as Ernest Shackleton and Roald Amundsen For those individuals straining under the restrictions of COVID 19 and the necessity of sheltering in place this book provides a form of escape through theabors of others while reminding readers that the wider world can be a dangerous place where even the smallest of pleasures are out of reach because of proximity I could only wonder at how the families of Nansen and these other adventurers comforted themselves since they had no idea how their oved ones were faring The book contains all sorts of "Interesting Notes And Information "notes and information this journey in the back matter enjoyed it had to skip over the part what they did to their dogs I do understand that they did not think of the dogs as pets back then just part of their cargo to get the job done This part sickened me but I thought the book had merit so I kept on reading I had thought this man had died when he was on a search party for another arctic explorer the zeppelin explorer Andre I m sure I had that in the past but I guess he didntI thought the man that went with him should have received credit than it seems was given him It s also a shame Nansen didnt do for this man once they got backBut the story book so full of many pictures was fun to read I read this book while my neck of the woods was in the grip of the polar vortex My fingers stung from the few. A spellbinding biography of Fridtjof Nansen the pioneer of polar exploration with a spotlight on his harrowing three year journey to the top of the worldAn explorer who many adventurers argue ranks alongside polar celebrity Ernest Shackleton Fridtjof Nansen contributed tremendous Minutes it took to fill the bird feeder so it s scary to imagine what the Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen and his colleague Hjalmar Johansen faced in their uest for the North Pole and in their battle for survival Locked in Ice made me feel as though I was walking beside them every frozen step of the way bitten by polar winds trudging over an endless terrain "Of Snow And Ice I M Fascinated "snow and ice I m fascinated epic uests and stories of survival and Nansen s is one of the greatest in the Annals Of Exploration The of exploration The tells a thrilling true tale of adventure It blows my mind to think when Nansen set out to reach the North Pole the and was as mysterious as Mars Nansen and his ship Fram were the Captain Kirk and starship Enterprise of the day A riveting story and a beautifully designed book This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 45 of 5How many readers out there know the name Fridtjof Nansen If you already know who he is or what he is remembered for then color me impressedNansen was among other things a scientist and an explorer at a time when mankind was still trying to reach the North Pole He was the first to cross Greenland using sleds but his goal was still to get to the North Pole He knew that there were ships which had been crushed by ice floes but he was convinced that there were as yet undiscovered ocean currents that a ship could use to get to the North Pole if such a ship could manage to survive the dangerous ice With that in mind Nansen had a special ship built The Fram which he would intentionally have frozen in to the ice with the expectation that currents would bring the ice and hence the ship closer to the PoleNansen has a Versuch Eines Geographisch Historischen W Rterbuches longist of men who want to join him on this expedition and so gets to hand pick his crew Finding men that he thinks will get along with one another for months perhaps years in close uarters as well as those with the necessary scientific or sailing skills is his main challengeNansen s design of the Fram works and despite some rigorous crushing by the ice the Fram s hull holds out But the ship doesn t travel northward the way he hopes and Nansen and one other set out by dogsled to try to reach the North Pole It shouldn t be revealing too much to note that they do not make it If they had the name Nansen would be known by every schoolchildBut what Nansen does and manages to survive for a year in the Arctic with dogs and a fellow explorer is fascinating Both he and Hjalmar Johansen the man who accompanied Nansen on the sled trek toward the pole kept meticulous journals They almost appear superhuman with some of their efforts fighting off a polar bear swimming in frigid polar waters to retrieve a kayak etc it s precisely the kinds of things that will engage younger readersAnd if the voyage and exploration toward the North Pole weren t enough we get a Die Patrizierin little information about Nansen after he returns to Norway He works with displaced people after World War I and is awarded a Nobel peace Prize for his effortsFridtjof Nansen was a truly amazing man Scientist explorer inventor diplomat humanitarian I was really glad to read the book andearn about this early exploration and about the man The book is written such that it s appropriate for Young Readers Middle School Students readers middle school students up but anyone who thinks it Evelyn Innes Vol 1 Of 2 looks interesting should enjoy the read The book isiberally illustrated with photos and copies of sketches made by Nansen and others along the wayLooking for a good book Locked in Ice by Peter Lourie is a well written well researched biography of Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen and his attempt to be the first person to reach the North Pole It is definitely worth reading I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Fridtjof Nansen was a Norwegian explorer and scientist He Deutsche Volkskunde loved the skiing and the outdoors especially winter He also had a curious mind So he combined all these things especially since at that time there was aot of scientific exploration going on He decided that he would take a team of men and dogs and try a new method to be the first to reach the North Pole He raised funds and had a new design for a ship built that would handle the ice differently than other ships of that time He would also cross the ice with one other man once the ship did get The Focus Vol 5 locked into the ice so that they could actually reach the North Pole Nansen knew that this was going to be very difficult but he was determined to do it anyway He had a successful journey without. Mounts of new information to our knowledge about the Polar Arctic At a time when the North Pole was still undiscovered territory he attempted the journey in a way that most experts thought was mad Nansen purposefullyocked his ship in ice for two years in order to float northward.