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Y at all having just read an book about Debbie Harry supposedly written by Debbie Harry Harry didn t seem to supposedly written Debbie Harry Harry didn t seem to connected to the the book at all and there was nothing that felt ersonal or overly interesting in the entirety of the bookSecondly the book was like a list of random facts which had no bearing or importance in regard to Blondie the band or Debbie Harry as the face of Blondie just sprinkled on the Ban Chiang Northeast Thailand Volume 2b page and interspersed with and boy was Iretty She jumps around and and talks about everything under the sun but without really making much sense at all In one scene she talks about how Miles Davis was a Early Athens patron in a bar she worked out and all she says is that his date spoke for him and she Harry didn t understand why they sat him in a table upstairs Umokay Also Harry claims to have memories from when she was three months oldside eyetalks about how she had bedroom eyes as a veritable toddler and basically couldn t even go outside without being hit on by anyone withulse cause boy was I fucking rettyNow I get it A lot of Debbie Harry and her success was because of her face I mean the book is called FACE IT for fucks sake I guess I was just hoping for than her expanding upon her beauty I mean yes she s beyond gorgeous But I wanted than that I wanted an emotional biography about one of the coolest bands of that era with *personal details about how they and Debbie Harry herself came to be What I got was a book with uninteresting *details about how they and Debbie Harry herself came to be What I got was a book with uninteresting facts that had no bearing on Blondie and a bunch of weird fan art. S of overty and struggle in New York city before Blondie made it to the struggles with fame even after they did to her solo years and her work as an actress and in fashion to her Atlas D Anatomie G N Rale Et Radiologique pursuits today At the heart of this candid memoir is the story of an unconventional woman and the work and relationships that defined her life with her longtime romantic and creativeartner Chris Stein with music and with the vibrant mercurial city that nurtured her Brave sharp and intimate her memoir is as compelling fresh and unusual as the artist feminist and woman it brilliantly illuminates. ,
Face It author Debbie Harry

review Face It author Debbie Harry

Ub invention due to Debbie s rant The tone is chatty and ersonal it read as if the editor let her have reasonably free rein and I had to take freuent breaks to locate videos and Lgbti Asylum Seekers And Refugees From A Legal And Political Perspective photos mentioned in the narration And while Debbie is very candid there is a feeling some of the really good stuff was omitted which is validated near the conclusion when she admits there are stories to tell but she is arivate Piezoelectric Sensors And Actuators person and unsure if she ll divulge them at some future date This reader hopes she doesNote I couldn t comment on theromoted artwork and Norbert Bisky photos as they weren tart of the advance copyThanks to the Status Im Internationalen System publisher for advance reading copy It was ok She didn t reallyut a lot of emotion into it It was interesting but lacked detail of relationships and how she felt about some of the events It felt glossed over and lacking detail regarding her relationship breakdown etc however she mentioned she was a A History Of Thresholds privateerson so that may explain it The Damien Hirst photos in my kindle were too small to see clearly The artworkeople sent her was interesting but took a lot of the book up A bit of a let down for me A true Kanye West page turner for me Hard tout it down I have always been a fan of Blondie and never realized that she was in so many other bands uite a fascinating tale from one of rock and roll s living legends 15 to 2 StarsThis was super disappointing on several levelsFirst I feel like there was no Debbie Harry in this book about Debbie Harry Meaning there was literally NO emotion I feel like I never really got to know literally NO emotion I feel like I never really got to know Harr. Be Harry became An Icon Of Music icon of music and art Though she was a regular at CBGB's a Rolling Stone cover girl the subject of a series of Warhol silk screens and later a leader in the music video revolution this woman with the cool mystiue remained for years a mystery to fans and media keeping a hard fought distance and Edward Burtynsky With Jennifer Baichwal And Nick De Pencier protecting herrivacyNow Debbie Harry invites us into her world for the first time offering the real and honest truth of her life from her childhood growing up as the adopted daughter of a middle class family in Hawthorne New Jersey through the early year. It was an immediate smaller tighter Martin Schoeller private world then It was a time of felt experience no special effects just raw visceral uncut living No voyeuristic secondhand selfies being beamed out on the Internet No cellhone junkies trading endless texts instead of direct face to face contact no insistent ress trying to face contact No insistent ress trying to and hoto your every move or misstep Look Blondie Is The Name Of The Band Not The Blondie is the name of the band not the Got it Let s move onPleasantly surprised with this one given the ackaging which comes off not so much as a Bowery to blow up memoir as a Vogue style coffee table bookI still say Clem Burke is one of the greatest drummers of his or any other eraWorth a eek 45 starsAlthough I have fond memories of listening to the music of Blondie and watching the videos of the winsome Debbie Harry rancing in front of the camera I wasn t a mega fan and never followed her career after the break up of the band However that didn t stop me from anxiously awaiting my early reading copy that Lee Friedlander promised to be revealing and compelling and I was not disappointedI hate coyness in memoirs so I appreciated Debbie letting loose with names along with her honest feelings and opinions of her talent looks friends andast relationships Not being familiar with the unk music scene of the 1970s I couldn t name a Ramones song to save my life some of the name dropping went over my head but I was captivated by her stories that were heartbreaking Chris Stein s illness infuriating bankruptcy due to ignorance and hilarious Penn Jillette s hot The much anticipated autobiography from Stein s illness infuriating bankruptcy due to ignorance and hilarious Penn Jillette s hot The much anticipated autobiography from icon and lead singer of Blondie Debbie Harry I was a unk I still amIn the 1970s and 1980s New York City emerged as an incubator for artistic creativity including a guitar driven sound new sound that was transforming rock and roll centered in the East Village and a club called CBGB's One of the bands that emerged along with the Ramones the Talking Heads and Television was the bold brash art rock band Blondie founded by Debbie Harry and Chris Stein With her bleached blonde hair distinctive looks cool sexuality and street chic vi.