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Mits f these data and importantly "WITH THE DISTORTIONS ON DATA PATTERNS "the distortions Woodland Workshop on data patterns by biasing factors This book develops and applies a GIS procedure to use legacy survey data in settlement pattern analysis It consistsf two parts One part regards the assessment f biases that can affect the spatial patterns exhibited by survey data

the ther part 
other part to shed light Crocheted Birds on the location preferences and settlement strategy. This 43rd volumef the series presents useful GIS procedure to "Study Settlement Patterns In "settlement patterns in archaeology In several Mediterranean regions have been mapped by fieldwalking surveys producing large amounts Baby Booties of data These legacy site based survey data represent an important resource to study ancient settlementrganization Methodological procedures are necessary to cope with the li. .
Of ancient communities underlying site "Patterns In This Book A "In this book a study shows how the method works in practice As part Bandana Crafts of the research by the Landscapesf Early Roman Colonization project NWO Leiden University KNIR SITE BASED DATASETS PRODUCED BY SURVEY PROJECTS IN CENTRAL based datasets produced by survey projects in central Italy are examined in a comparative framework to investigate *Settlement Patterns In The *patterns in the Roman colonial period 3rd century BC. ,

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Spatial Patterns in Landscape Archaeology

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