Read [Englands Railway Heritage from the Air] Ì Peter Waller

Dominated the landscape Even in Relatively Small Country Towns The Footprint Of The Railway Station small country towns the footprint of the railway station its platforms

and goods yard 
goods yard significant             Drawing on than one undred images from the collection this fascinating book explores various aspects of England’s uniue railway De La Vie heritage from theumble country GOODS YARD TO THE UBIUITOUS SIGNAL yard to the ubiuitous signal and from the major stations in cities like Birmingham to the tunnels and viaducts scattered all over the countr. At the eight of the railway system in England main secondary and branch lines stretched to virtually every corner of the realm The early railway builders invested in creating impressive stations for this new and form of transport; during the nineteenth century many the country’s leading architects undertook commissions on behalf of the railway industry After World War II owever the railway’s dominance declined as cars and trucks became the pref. Erred modes of transportation and
many station buildings 
station buildings swept away             Yet the glory of the railway era and its imprints on the landscape are not lost For almost a century the Aerofilms company as been RECORDING THE CHANGING FACE OF ENGLAND FROM THE AIR the changing face of England from the air just after World War I and capturing the country’s railway eritage at its zenith in the process In fact it is only from the air that it is possible to fully appreciate ow much the railway once. ,
Englands Railway Heritage from the Air

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