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Street Players

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While many Pulp Curry Applied Mineralogy Of Cement Concrete readers will be familiar with names such as Iceberg Slim and Donald Goines I d wager far fewer know very much about them Fewer still would be across the details of how they came to be published and their enormous influence Filling in the gaps in thiselatively little known but important aspect of mid 20th century pulp history is Kinohi Nishikawa s Street Players Black Pulp Fiction and the Making of a Literary UndergroundStreet Players is the story of the now defunct Los Angeles based publishing company Holloway House Founded by two white men Bentley Morriss and Ralph Weinstock throughout the 1960s it published un of the mill smut paperbacks mainly sexology and spicy confessional stories as well as THE PIN UP MAGAZINES ADAM AND pin up magazines Adam and all written by white writers and aimed at white eadersThe company s trajectory Minerals Inclusions And Volcanic Processes radically changed with theelease of Pimp in 1967 It appeared under the by line Iceberg Slim the street name of a former Black the by line Iceberg Slim the street name of a former Black prisoner and pimp called Robert Beck Pimp was a huge hit White. The uncontested center of the black pulp fiction universe for than four decades was the Los Angeles publisher Holloway House From the late 1960s until it closed in 2008 Holloway House specialized in cheap paperbacks with page turning narratives featuring black protagonists in crime stories conspiracy thrillers prison novels and Westerns From Iceberg Slim’s Pimp to Donald Goines’s Never Die Alone the thread that tied all of these books together and made them distinct from the majority of American pulp was an unfailing veneration of black masculinity Zeroing in on Holloway House Street Players explores how. ,
Readers enjoyed the voyeuristic peek it offered into the subterranean world of pimping Despite the fact the Beck s story was heavily fictionalised Black eaders saw in
It A Genuine Slice 
a genuine slice their urban ghetto experienceBeck followed up Pimp in 1971 with The Naked Soul of Iceberg Slim While the book was a success the times were changing and Beck had to engage in a complex balancing act as he tried to appeal to his core eadership while placating the criticisms of groups like the Black Panthers The latter s program included stamping out criminal exploitation within the Black community so that Black people were better able to ecover their cultural heritage and fight white PowerThe Publisher S Next Success publisher s next success Goines whose prolific output of hardboiled Black crime fiction appears to have at least partly been driven by the author s need for funds to maintain his heroin addiction His unsolved murder by two white assailants in October 1974 was manna from heaven for the Holloway House PR machine which was able to sell the death as mirror. This world of black pulp fiction was produced eceived and New Views Of The Moon recreated over time and across different communities ofeadersKinohi Nishikawa contends that black pulp Fiction Was Built On White was built on white fears of the feminization of society and the appeal of black masculinity as a way to counter it In essence it was the original form of blaxploitation a strategy of mass marketing Low Temperature Thermochronology race to suit theeactionary fantasies of a white audience But while chauvinism and misogyny emained troubling yet constitutive aspects of this literature from 1973 onward Holloway House moved away from publishing sleaze for a white. ,
Ing Goines s gritty brand of crime fictionA host of other writers followed including Joe Nazel who brought to Holloway House what Nishikawa calls the Pinnacle model named after the prolific US publisher of men s adventure fiction Nazel s books Why Journalism Still Matters released under aange of pseudonyms fused smut pimp and Black Power tropes with crime and adventure fiction narratives In the 1970s and 1980s Holloway House also published Players Magazine which in its early years was a politically cutting edge Black version of Playboy before succumbing to Morris and Weinstock s editorial penny pinching and their lack of interest in moving beyond their origins in the smut businessMost pulp elated books are collections of covers sometimes with a written introduction Moving beyond this format was a key motivation behind the pulp history books I have co edited Girl Gangs Biker Boys and Real Cool Cats Pulp Fiction and Youth Culture 1950 1980 and the forthcoming Sticking It To the Man Revolution and Counterculture in Pulp And Popular Fiction 1950 1980 Full Disc. Audience To Popular Fiction 1950 1980 full disc. Audience to solely for black eaders The standard account of this literary phenomenon is based almost entirely on where this literature ended up in the hands of black male working class Fragments Of An Infinite Memory readers When it closed Holloway House was synonymous with genre fiction written by black authors for blackeaders a field of cultural production that Nishikawa terms the black literary underground But as Street Players demonstrates this cultural authenticity had to be created promoted and in some cases made up and there is a story of exploitation at the heart of black pulp fiction’s origins that cannot be ignor.

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