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Language And Religion uEd reflections rather than always bring a coherent through composed narrative. St and recordedntil it became the epitome of English choral singing setting the benchmark for all other choral foundations either to imitate or to react against Its style has now been taken over and adapted by classical performers who sing both sacred and secular music in secular settings all over the world with a precision inspired by the King's tradition I Saw Eternity the Other Night investigates the timbres of voices the enunciation of words the se of vibrato But the singing of all human beings in whatever style always reflects in profound AND WAYS THEIR PREOCCUPATIONS AND subtle ways preoccupations and to life these are the nderlying themes explored by These are the nderlying themes explored by book. ,
Thorough and fascinating although probably a little niche Some OF THE WRITING. THE SOUND OF THE CHOIR the writing. The sound of the choir King's College Cambridge its voices perfectly blended its emotions restrained its impact sublime has become famous all over the world and for many the distillation of a particular kind of Englishness This is especially so at Christmas time with the broadcast of the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols whose centenary is celebrated this year How did this small band of men and boys in a famous fenland town in England come to sing

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the extraordinary they did in the twentieth and early twenty first centuriesIt has been widely assumed that the King's style essentially continues an English choral tradition inherited directly from th. I Saw Eternity the Other NightIs a bit patchy anecdotes recur giving the sense of a series of well research. E Middle Ages In this original and illuminating book Timothy Day shows that this E Middle Ages In this original and illuminating book Timothy Day shows that this hardly be further from the truth Until the 1930s the singing at King's was full of high Victorian emotionalism like that at many other English choral foundations well into the twentieth centuryThe choir's modern sound was brought about by two intertwined revolutions one social and one musical From 1928 singing With The Trebles In Place Of The Old Lay Clerks the trebles in place of the old lay clerks choir was fully made p of choral scholars college men reading for a degree Under two exceptional directors of music Boris Ord from 1929 and David Willcocks from 1958 the style was transformed and the choir broadca.