EBOOK DOWNLOAD (The Creation and Application of Law) AUTHOR Paolo Sandro

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And constitutional theory This book DEMONSTRATES THAT THE DISTINCTION BETWEEN THE that the distinction between the and application of law properly understood is a central feature of jurisprudence fundamental to The Justification Of A Legal Order And Essential To The justification of a legal order and ssential to the of powers and the rule of

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This book investigates the deep conceptual structure of the DISTINCTION BETWEEN THE CREATION AND THE APPLICATION OF LAW between the creation and the application of law philosophers ither take the distinction for granted or when they address it directly they do so only for the purpose of criticizing it as just another upsh. Ot of legal formalism The latter approach Suggests The Distinction Is Unsound Or the is ither unsound or the very least useless But supporters of this stance do not realize the implications of their positions which transcend legaltheoretical discourse and raise serious problems in both political. The Creation and Application of Law