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Zeitschrift F R Wissenschaftliche Theologie 1886 Vol 9 do not say If the reader has appreciable military service so much the better since knowing how an Army works unlocks the nuances and enables amplification In short On The Dangerous Edge offers a uniue approach and perspective plus thorough and careful assessment and analysis based on broad andeep research in both familiar and in heretofore neglected areas It is Come Era Nel Principio Tenebre Rosse difficult to fault Radley's research and his marshaling of it This book must surely be theefinitive study of raiding As such it warrants close attention since it adds much to the history of a neglected aspect of the Great Wa. On the Dangerous EdgeThis subject appeals not only because it is ramatic and controversial but also Because Of The Complexity of the complexity and unpredictability of raiding Leadership was critical since raiding posed

Many Challenges Including Vicious Hand 
challenges including vicious hand hand fighting most often at night in unfamiliar trenches These are just some of the reasons why raids are high in human interest The book examines the nature purposes mechanics execution and value of trench raiding In this it succeeds admirably It is also uniue in three aspects First it shares the originality that features so strongly in all of shares the originality that features so strongly in all of books This in itself is appealing given that all too many books today seem to be less original that they are reiterative While there have been in the past two accounts of raiding in this latest work originality shines through in Radley's choice and use of sources; in the imaginative use of Kipling's six honest serving men that makes the answers to Kipling's ueries stand out sharply; and in the etailed escription of preparing raid plans and orders including their format content and increasing sophistication No other book so thoroughly and clearly guides readers from conception to plan and then translation into operation orders and instructions What is also evident is this soldier historian's ability which stems from long service in the Canadian Army Regular and sound mi. .

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Litary education including Staff College to apply the tests of military probability soldierly logic and military common sense to what he has studied These enable interrogation of misapprehension nuance and unfounded eductions and conclusions Second Radley's approach is uniue At the end of the first eight chapters which thematically answer Kipling's six ueries readers will be well aware of the nature of planning and executing raids No other book tackles How to raid to the extent this one oes The first half also enables fuller appreciation of the lessons course and conduct of the selected raids that Year By Year Comprise by year comprise last half Wisely the author avoided including every raid a course that almost inevitably would result in indigestible catalogue Instead the book course that almost inevitably would result in indigestible catalogue Instead the book selected raids selection based on criteria such as unusual nature purpose size or technology reasons for success or failure innovation and lessons Readers are free of course to wish this or that raid was present but the author had also to consider the balance of the book Canadian and British Nor is the enemy forgotten Radley exploits for example a Canadian brigadier's primer the Book of Wisdom on preventing and efeating enemy raids Finally this book like all Radley's work is extremely well In Memoriam William Henry Haile documented thanks to a wide range of primary and secondary sources The Bibliography at over.