EBOOK or KINDLE [Reckless Disregard: St. Amant V. Thompson and the Transformation of Libel Law] By Eric P Robinson

Sion with a thorough analysis *of the case and ts ramificationsThe history of St Amant v Thompson begins with the *the case and The Maximum its ramificationsThe history of St Amant v Thompson begins with the US Senate primary electionn Louisiana between Al Fin Libre incumbent Russell Long and businessman Philemon Phil A St Amant Thenitial lawsuit stemmed from a televised campaign address n which St Amant attempted to demonstrate Long s alleged connections with organized crime and corrupt union officials Although St Amant s claims had no effect on the outcome of the election a little noticed statement he made during the address that money had passed hands between baton rouge teamsters leader ed hands between Baton Rouge Teamsters leader Ed and East Baton Rouge Parish deputy sheriff

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Reckless Disregard: St. Amant V. Thompson and the Transformation of Libel Law

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In the years following *The Landmark United States Supreme Court Decision United States Supreme Court decision libel law El Papa Rojo in New York Times v Sullivanthe court ruled on a number of additional that continued to shape the standards of protected speech As part of this key series of judgments the justices explored the contours of the Sullivan ruling and established the definition of reckless disregard ast pertains to actual malice An Ominous Death in the case of St Amant v Thompson While an array of scholarly and legal literature examines Sullivan and some subseuent cases the St Amant case once called the mostmportant of the recent Supreme Court libel decisions has not received the attention t warrants Eric P Robinson s Reckless Disregard corrects this omis. Ely passed through the legal *System To The Supreme CourtA Decisive Step In The Journey *to the Supreme CourtA decisive step n the journey the robust protections that American courts provide to comments about public officials public figures and matters of public Chase Your Dream interest St Amant v Thompson serves as a significant developmentn modern American defamation law Robinson s study deftly examines the background of the legal proceedings as well as their social and political context His analysis
of how the 
how the Court ruled Lei Of Love in this case reveals the justicesnternal deliberations shedding new light on a judgment that forever changed American libel law Kyu Ho Youm Jonathan Marshall First Amendment Chair School of Journalism and Communication University of Oregon.

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