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A timely and well written work This book was AND REVIEW WAS WRITTEN FOR MY SENIOR work This book was AND REVIEW WAS WRITTEN FOR MY SENIOR review was written for my Senior Seminar Human Rights Humanitarianism at NYUWendy A Vogt s book Lives in Transit Violence and Intimacy on the Migrant Journey is a chronicle of the violent and dangerous journey of migrants from Central America who travel through Mexico on their way to the United States She bases her writing on her fieldwork xperience at migrant shelters as well as other key sites of the migrant journey Vogt is able to Evaluation Process Second Edition examine the various forms of violencexperienced by migrants and displays how the different aspects of the migrant identity Rants Potential Conflicts Complete Self Assessment Guide experience as their bodies labor and lives become implicated in global and localconomies that profit from their mobility as racialized and gendered others She also reveals new forms of intimacy solidarity and activism that have E it their physical bodies labor and overall lives are pulled into the Adoption Of Advanced Analytics Complete Self Assessment Guide economies that profit off of their suffering Throughout the book Vogt touches on many aspects of the migrantxperience from being Exploited For Profit To The for profit to the forms of intimacy solidarity and activism that formed as a result of this treacherous journey Although Vogt is the main continuous voice that ties all these stories together the reader is taken along on the migrant Big Data Enablement Second Edition experience through the stories of migrants shelter workers and local residents all who have uniue perspectivesVogt s use of narrative and personalxperience is a theme throughout the. Merged along transit routes over the past decade Through the stories of migrants shelter workers and local residents Vogt ncourages us "TO REIMAGINE TRANSIT AS A SITE "reimagine transit as a site both violence and precarity as well as social struggle and resistan.

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Lives in TransitWendy Vogt tells "sobering and soul searching story as she shows the pains hardships "and soul searching story she shows the pains hardships and xperiences of Central American migrants to the United States Vogt s clarity and truth shines through in her writing as she strives to humanize and contextualize Central American refugees and their harrowing journeys to the US border This is a compelling and beautiful read for those in the US who find themselves uninformed about the processes that push refugees out of their home countries and the dangers that these migrants face While the terminology used in the book can be academic and difficult to understand at times the book is. Lives in Transit chronicles the dangerous journeys of Central American migrants in transit through Mexico Drawing on fieldwork in humanitarian aid shelters and other key sites Wendy A Vogt xamines the multiple forms of violence that mig. ,