[The KJV NLV Parallel Bible] E–pub ´ Barbour Staff

A Parallel Bible for Everyone The KJV NLV Parallel Bible features two fantastic versions of s Word side "BY IN A READABLE TWO COLUMN DESIGN THAT "side in a readable two column design that for uick and asy comparison and study The King James Version More than years after its introduction the King James Version is still "One Of The Most Popular Bible Translations "of the most popular Bible translations The beautiful phrasing and cadence of the King James Version Ave stood the test of time providing for a moving and powerful reading xperience Believed by many to be one of the most literal and accurate translations of the original Bible languages the King James Version has changed countless lives over four centuries The New Life Bible The New Life "Version

Is A Very Readable 
A Very Readable Contemporary Bible That Uses "is a very readable understandable contemporary Bible that uses limited vocabulary of just over a thousand wo.
 Remains Historical And Literary Vol 19
The KJV NLV Parallel Bible

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