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Avoid altitude sicknessFull color photos and detailed maps throughout plus a convenient foldout mapThorough background information on the landscape wildlife plants culture history and local customsHandy tools including a phrasebook visa information Volunteer And Study Opportunities and study opportunities tips for seniors families with children visitors with women traveling ALONE AND LGBT TRAVELERSWITH MOON MACHU PICCHU'S PRACTICAL ADVICE and LGBT travelersWith Moon Machu Picchu's practical advice insider know how you can forge your own pathExploring the rest of the country Try Moon Peru Doing a tour of South America Try Moon Colombia or Moon Patagoni.

Free download Moon Machu Picchu

Mystical timeless and full of adventure embark on the of a lifetime
to the jewel 
the jewel Peru with Moon Machu Picchu Inside you'll findStrategic trekking guides two to four days on the Inca Trail five days on the Salcantay and an Inca Jungle Trail itinerary plus focused coverage of Cusco the Sacred Valley and LimaUniue experiences beyond the beaten path Explore seldom seen ruins like the Ollantaytambo Temple and visit remote echua speaking villages Go horseback riding on a caballo de paso in the Sacred Valley mountain biking Go horseback riding on a caballo de paso in the Sacred Valley mountain biking the hilltop fortress of Sacsayhuamán or set p camp on the. .
Moon Machu PicchuRiverbank after a day of rafting on the río apurímac sample coca tea on the Río Apurímac Sample coca tea authentic local delicacies or shop for handmade Peruvian weavings pottery and jewelryEssential planning information on agencies tour guides and porters food and accommodations packing suggestions finding the best airfares and getting around by bus train taxi car or motorcycle rentalHow to visit Machu Picchu respectfully with tips on sustainability and helping the local economy minimizing your impact and avoiding over tourism with insight from Lima resident Ryan DubéA guide to hazards precautions and gear including how to.