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T This review is gonna be a little different I liked the beginning with its focus on the Spanish civil war but couldn t get into the weird family story living under Franco s Spain i don t now why I just couldn t get into their story i am much concerned with items like the am much concerned with items like the of fascism But #that is me Maybe if I had read something by them I might be invested in reading about this particular #is me Maybe if I had read something by them I might be invested in reading about this particular I will look into it In 1972 73 my junior year in college I lived with the Panero family the subject of this book in Madrid during a family the subject of this book in Madrid during a month study abroad period Franco was still living Leopoldo Panero the patriarch of the family had been dead 11 years I The Maximum knew that he had been a wellnown poet but nothing else His widow Felicidad was a very elegant well spoken aristocratic woman with a mind of her own and talent but had a troubled life I sensed she had Republican sympathies and didn t think much of the FrancoistsNationalists Leopoldo had been in various posts in the Spanish government roles that mainly had him promoting Spanish culture When I started reading some of his work I was shocked to discover that he was basically an apologist for Franco I began wondering How could this elegant cultured intelligent woman possiblly have been married to a Francoist One did not ask uestions like this out loud in Spain at that time with Franco still in command But I always wondered. Ccentric family whose lives intersected memorably with many of the most storied figures in the art literature and politics of the time from Neruda to Salvador Dalí from Ava Gardner to Pablo Picasso to Roberto BolañoWeaving memoir with cultural history and biography and brought together with vivid storytelling and striking images The Age of Disenchantments sheds new light on the romance and intellectual ferment of the era. ,
The Disenchantment

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This book is at once a sweeping history of the last century in Spain and an intimate portrayal of a fascinating family whose trajectory seems to have mirrored that of the country I appreciated the research that went into this interesting story and I look forward to seeing the
that launched the author s in the family as his "SUBJECT MATTER I HAVE BEEN A STUDENT IN SPAIN "matter I have been a student in Spain of Spain and this new point of view has added to my interest Thank you Aaron Shulman I ve been reading some non fiction recently where the topic idea was appealing one on Arthurian legends another on exploring urban areas underground but the prose eech Can be clunky painful Shulman writes very very well He is in control of his material unspools the stories here well I ve been drawn to Spanish Civil War accounts in booksseems as if last 10 years has brought uite a few from different angles Seems to speak to how fascism can arise human nature shows less than highest standards of behavior The war in Spain though also brings intersection of history in 20th c Europe in a uniuely focused manner political and cultural trends The writers who enter into the mix is interesting Schulman s book has been the first that I ve the mix is interesting Schulman s book has been the first that I ve which is not dry a then this happened then this happened with persons x y and z I read the first 100 pages today in one sitting Looking forward to returning to A gripping narrative history of Spain’s most brilliant and troubled literary family a tale about the making of art myth and legacy set against the upheaval of the Spanish Civil War and beyondIn this absorbing and atmospheric historical narrative journalist Aaron Shulman takes us deeply into the circumstances surrounding the Spanish Civil War through the lives loves and poetry of the Paneros Spain’s most compelling and ,

About it Years later I learned that Leopoldo became a fascist simply to survive he was imprisoned and was likely headed For Execution But Was Allowed execution but was allowed join with the Falange after his mother intervened with Franco s wife whom the mother new personally Difficult circumstances but not a tough choiceThere were three sons the two younger ones Leopoldo Maria and Michi were around freuently at the their mother s apartment They were a little bit older than me but still in their mid 20s Leopoldo Maria was very very odd I found out a little from his mother he had been imprisoned for drugs I learned later that it was a lot worse than this he had been imprisoned for political protests and had been #TORTURED I DISTINCTLY REMEMBER KNOCKING ON HIS DOOR ONE #I distinctly remember nocking on his door one to talk to him he was the Luz Negra king of cool but would jump three feet in the air when someonenocked he apparently had been forcibly removed by police in he middle of the night and lived in fear of a repeat He would go on to write brilliant poetry from an insane asylum in the Canary Islands where he lived most of his lifeShulman was inspired to write the book while living in Spain 10 12 years ago when he Saw The Movie El the movie El This movie made in 1975 was a documentary about the Panero family the central event was the unveiling of a statue of Leopoldo the father in his hometown of Astorga The unveiling was a formal affair. While revealing the profound and enduring devastation of the war the Franco dictatorship and the country’s transition to democracyA searing tale of love and hatred art and ambition and freedom and oppression The Age of Disenchantments is a chronicle of a family who modeled their lives and deaths on the works of art that most inspired and obsessed them and who in turn profoundly affected the culture and society around them.