(Read) [Crucified Wisdom] Author S. Mark Heim

Winner of the Frederick Streng Book Award for Excellence IN BUDDHIST CHRISTIAN STUDIES THIS WORK PROVIDES THE FIRST Buddhist Christian Studies This work provides the first discussion of the Bodhisattva path and its importance for constructive Christian theology Crucified Wisdom examines specific Buddhist traditions texts and practices not as phenomena whose existence reuires an apologetic justification but as wells of tested wisdom that invite theological insight With the increasing participation of Christians in Buddhist practice many are seeking a deeper understanding of the way the teachings of the two traditions might interface Christ and the Bodhisattva are often compared superficially in Buddhist Christian discussion This text combines a rich exposition of the Bodhisattva path using Śāntideva's classic wo. .
Crucified WisdomRk the Bodicaryāvatāra and subseuent Tibetan commentators with detailed reflection On Its Implications For Christian Faith And PracticeAuthor S Mark its implications for Christian faith and practiceAuthor S Mark lays out root tensions constituted by basic Buddhist teachings on the one hand and Christian teachings on the other and the ways in which the Bodhisattva or Christ embody and resolve the resulting paradoxes in their respective traditions An important contribution to the field of comparative theology in general and to the area of Buddhist Christian studies in Particular Crucified Wisdom Proposes Crucified Wisdom proposes Christian theology can take direct instruction from Mahāyāna Buddhism in two respects deepening its understanding Of Our Creaturely Nature Through No Self our creaturely nature through no self and revising its vision of divine immanence in dialogu. E with teachings of emptiness Heim argues that Christians may affirm the importance of novelty in history the enduring significance of human persons and the Trinitarian reality of God even as they learn to value less familiar nondual dimensions of Christ's incarnation human redemption and the divine life Crucified Wisdom focuses on uestions of reconciliation and atonement in Christian theology and explores the varying interpretations of the crucifixion of Jesus in Buddhist Christian discussion The Bodhisattva path is central for major contemporary Buddhist voices such as the Dalai Lama And Thch Nht and Thch Nht who figure prominently as conversation partners in the text This Work Will Be Of Particular Value For Those Interested work will be of particular value for those interested dual belonging in connection to these traditio. .

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