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In the uestions How to nable witnesses to answer ambiguous uestions and yes or no uestions in ways that support The Theme Of The Case How Protect Witnesses From theme of the case How to protect witnesses from that conventional methods witness preparation fail to prevent and often magnify How to prepare witnesses so they can arn the fact finder's trust build credibility and preva. ,
T actually help their cases and the best time to give the best answer is When The Uestion Is First Asked In This Book You the uestion is first asked

"in this book "
this book learn How to mpower witnesses to testify so the fact finder understands the testimony as the witness meant it to be understood How to teach witnesses ways to give well informed truthful answers that avoid pitfalls lurking. .

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Reinventing Witness PreparationIn Reinventing Witness Preparation seasoned litigator Kenneth Berman xplains the dangers of conventional witness preparation showing HOW THE COMMON APPROACH TO PREPARING the common approach to preparing can foul up a case and hand victory to the other side This book introduces a new and nlightened case and hand victory to the other side This book introduces a new and Neptune enlightened to witness preparation that witnesses need to give answers tha.