[E–pub/Kindle] (Too Tough to Die) author Peter Aaron

As a Ramones fan this book s a must read A couple of years ago I went to see Richie Ramone and his band play at the Corktown Tavern Las Tres Espirales Meditaci N Sobre La Espiritualidad C Ltica in Detroit In front of a very enthusiastic crowd he pounded through a solid set of rock roll highlighted by those great Ramones songs we all expected After the show I bought a CD from him and was going to ask himn a joking fashion When Powder Dreams is your book coming out as by then every single member of the Ramones except Tommy had a book out Maybe Richie already had thedea and finally the forgotten Ramone has come out and told his own storyRichie s book The Tuscan Tycoon S Pregnant Housekeeper is straightforward and direct like a Ramones song and as the titlendicates Wild Animals Of The United States it covers his whole life before and after his years with the Ramones He grew upn Passaic New Jersey had and has a loving family life and was supported by his parents to pursue a career n music as a drummer He gives all of us non Musicians A Deep Explanation Of a deep explanation of techniues and makes no attempt to disguise the fact that he wasn t nterested Oliver At The Window in punk or the Ramones till much later Even through he saw the Ramonesn 1976 he didn t own a single Ramones album until he became a member of. Book It's 1982 and the Ramones are Sustainable Tourism Development in a gutter bound spiral Following a run ofnconsistent albums and deep Wed To The Texan Claiming Clint Westmoreland in the throes ofnternal tensions the legendary uartet s about to crash and burn Enter Richie Ramone Then a 26 year old from New Jersey named Richard Reinhardt he's snapped up by the group Richie Ramone Then a 26 year old from New Jersey named Richard Reinhardt he's snapped up by the group be their new drummer and nstantly goes from the obscurity of the underground club scene to membersh. Of the Ramones history and he Squirm is notncluded Markova in theirnduction nto the Rock Roll Hall of Game Richie has to sue to get the songwriting credits back for his own songs and does not return to music for many years Joey Ramone s brother Mickey Leigh brings him back nto the Ramones family by nviting him to play back nto the Ramones family by New Guide To Herbs inviting him to play the annual Joey Ramone birthday bash Throughout the book Richies brutally honest about his achievements and mistakes and talks about his decision to uit the band without hiding anything Johnny Ramone was notoriously cheap and Richie s direct approach for 10% of the merchandise profits seemed fair but was refused by Johnny Of course Richie should have had his lawyers handle this and he admits that He regrets losing contact with Joey and attends Joey s funeral where he hears that Joey was asking about him during his final few days Richie s role The Urban Hen in the Ramones should be recognized and celebrated besides being a fantastic drummer and a gifted songwriter he camen and n the words of Joey Ramone Richie saved the band A definite worthy addition to the Ramones canon and f Richie comes to your town check Private Clubs Of Seattle it out he puts on a great show. Rming studio albums before abruptly uitting the band and going deep underground To most fans this crucial figuren the band's history has remained a mystery his tale most fans this crucial figure African Traditional Religion in the band's history has remained a mystery his tale Until now Too Tough to Die My Life Before During and After the Ramoness the firsthand four on the floor account of a life n rock 'n' roll n one of Dear Doctor Hip Pocrates Advice Your Family Doctor Never Gave You its mostnfluential acts straight from the sticks of the man who kept the be. The band He auditioned and got the job when Marky was fired and was the drummer for close to five years Richie and was the drummer for close to five years Richie time with the Ramones Infantas De Portugal Rainhas Em Espanha is obviously what made this book possible and he speaks of his efforts to bond with the other Ramones which worked mostly with Joey Richie does not see the hostility between Johnny and Joey during his time with the band and he becomes anntegral part of the band by writing songs such as the conic Somebody Put Something In Put Something n Drink and helping with production work However as we all know Richie does not ever become a real Ramone during his entire tenure he The Wizard Of Odd is paid a salary and gets nothing from the merchandise sales This all comes to a head and Richie abruptly uits the band before a tour ands ultimately replaced by Marky againFor me the first part of the book dragged a bit he doesn t join the Ramones till almost halfway through the book The most poignant part of the book Osceola The Unconquered Indian is his relationship with Francine Valli daughter of Frankie and her tragic death at age 20 Richie s musical career after the Ramones does not pan out and he never speaks with Joey again Like a disgraced Soviet leader his roles written out. Ip n the most famous punk rock band of all time revitalizing the pioneering outfit with his powerful precise and blindingly fast beats composing classic cuts like the menacing anthem Somebody Put Something n My Drink and becoming the only Ramones percussionist to sing lead vocals for the group With the Ramones he performs over five hundred shows at venues all around the world and records three sto. With the Ramones he performs over five hundred shows at venues all around the world and records three sto. ,
Too Tough to Die

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