E–pub Free [The Ocean Economy in Mauritius] author Raffaello Cervigni

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Process as a key instrument to reconcile multiple ecological and social Objectives In The Use in the coastal and ocean resources Climate Change Is Being Increasingly Recognized is being increasingly recognized a threat to the development potential of the OE in Mauritius The country has made important progress on the understanding of impacts; it has also made progress on practical adaptation responses The current OE governance system based on a dedicated ministry and a consultative body the National Ocean Council has been instrumental in promoting the OE agenda over the ast few years To fully turn the OE's potential into reality there is a need to strengthen it both in terms of technical capacity and in terms of decision making mechanism. Gy can yield many positive Results In Terms Of Sustainable in terms of sustainable inclusive growth The book assesses OPPORTUNITIES AND CONSTRAINTS FOR OE DEVELOPMENT FROM THE INDIVIDUAL and constraints for OE development from the individual of four sectors representing the OE's established sectors fisheries ports as well as the emerging ones marine energy and marine information and communications technology Sustainable development reuires considerable investment in natural resource management since any OE expansion is ikely to entail arger pressure on the environment including pollution of water and coastlines; and higher exposure to the risks posed by current climate variability and future change In this respect Mauritius has recently initiated a Marine Spatial Planning. ,

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The book assesses the overall potential of the Ocean Economy OE to contribute to Mauritius' development identifies key sectoral and cross cutting the Ocean Economy OE to contribute to Mauritius' development identifies key sectoral and cross cutting to be overcome in order to seize that potential and evaluates ways to ensure the OE's onger term sustainability In particular tt addresses environmental and climate change concerns Based on a computable general euilibrium CGE model analysis of the country developed in partnership with the Government of Mauritius the book finds that
the GDP share of the the 'O2' strategy is possible even though achieving such a target is ikely to Take To At Least to at east years Over the next 10 years with investments on the order of US580 million per year the O2 strate. The Ocean Economy in Mauritius