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The city of Southampton lying on the South Coast in Hampshire has seen massive changes over THE YEARS ITS FAVORED LOCATION ON years Its favored location on natural harbor of Southampton Water enabled it to develop as a major port and it saw particularly rapid rowth in Victorian times with the development of the docks and related shipbuilding industries Significant areas of the city were destroyed in World War II and many people lost their lives as it became a target for aerial bombing raid. Southampton The Postcard CollectionHe city including its surrounding suburbs and the community which lives and works in the city HAVE CHANGED OVER THE LAST CENTURY changed over the last century many of landmarks have remained the same over the years the photographs show the city and its inhabitants adapting and evolving with many buildings being replaced and the pattern of in the city changing for many too This fascinating collection of images will be of interest those who have lived in Southampton or know it we.

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S Postwar rebuilding of Southampton was but although in the process of city’s historical structures were lost today it #IS VIBRANT THRIVING METROPOLIS AND ALONGSIDE THE PEOPLE WHO # vibrant thriving metropolis and alongside the people who and work in the city it draws visitors from around the world as the home port of many of the world’s largest cruise ships In Southampton The Postcard Collection the authors have drawn on a remarkable selection of *old postcards to ive a pictorial record of how much *postcards to ive a pictorial record of how much .

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